Chevron Rug

chevron stitch rug

Most of the rugs you see on internet made from fabric yarn are round and even they are my favorite, sometimes it is just good to change a little bit…I was looking for a rug for my bedroom when I came into this model in a deco magazine. That version was in grey and neon and HUGE and I can tell you that the result was amazing! So, I adapted to my bedroom colors and here it is! 

I have to tell you that meanwhile I was making the rug I sold up these colors! It was made with Fresno pink and Positano blue but they are no longer available….if you like this version of colors, a combination very similar is Las Vegas pink and Nice blue but the possibilities are endless...

chevron stitch rug


- GANXXET Fresno color : 2 skeins

- GANXXET Positano color: 3 skeins

- GANXXET crochet hook N12

- Acrilic yarn in similar colors for the tassels, scissors and a piece of cardboard. 

TIME: 8 hours 


chevron stitch rug


The first thing to take into consideration with the chevron stitch is how many chain stitches you need in the foundation to make the perfect zig zag pattern. This can drive you a little crazy because there are many ways to calculate it out there…I had to do and undo the firsts rows a couple of times until I get this rule: the chain of stitches must be a multiple of 2 + 3 chain stitches. My rug measures 37 inches and I made 83 chain stitches, so if you want it wider or narrower just follow the rule! 

Once this is clear the second important point is the pattern itself. To make the waves form we have to increase and decrease stitches and how we do that? Easy! Look at this diagram: 


To decrease you have to make 2 half stitches and close it in the third stitch. To increase we have to do as always, 3 double crochet stitches in the same place. 

Now that we know that, let's go to the pattern:

chevron stitch pattern

You have to always finish your row with 3 double crochet stitches and start with 3 chain stitches. In my opinion, is better to use more than one color because the result is more attractive this way. 

As a final touch I decided to add some tassels at the edges. I bought similar colors of acrylic yarn and to do the tassels I just followed this tutorial:

tassels tutorial

So this is it! If you have any doubt leave a comment below and I will answer it asap! 

Happy crochet!


Diagrams via SusiMiu

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