Tartan Clutch

Ganxxet fabric yarn clutch

There are many things that bring me directly in a fall mood: apple pies, tea with spices and that sweet smell of cinnamon, watching the fireplace, pumpkins and also the tartan print! I really love it! It looks cozy and elegant and for me it's the perfect look for fall. Since in Miami has no sense to lit the fireplace I decided to add a little tartan to my look with these beautiful clutches!  

fabric yarn ganxxet clutch


- Ganxxet Victoria print: 1 skein. 

- Ganxxet St Pierre et Miquelon print:  1 skein.

- Ganxxet Nantuteck color: 1/3 skein. 


Ganxxet Hook N12

TIME: 2 hours


Ganxxet fabric yarn clutch

As you know, the fabric yarn is quite the thing in Europe and there are many talented girls making amazing things! The queen of the clutches, purses and handbags is Estefanía from Santa Pazienzia  and this pattern is from her. Don't miss her blog, even if you don't speak Spanish her tutorials are very good and easy and with this pattern as a "basic" you can get inspiration for amazing results! 

ganxxet fabric yarn clutch

 I added a metallic chain and a clasp that I bought at Michael's (the chain) and in Joann Fabric (the clasp). You can find many different options, in the Victorian purse, I added the typical coat closer and I weave fabric yarn in the chain. Imagination is the limit!






1) Start with 17 chain stitches and we make 1 more to go up. 18 chain stitches in total. 

2) We skip the first stitch and we make single crochet stitches in all the chain. 17 stitches in total. 

3) The idea is to crochet all over the chain and grow the purse for both sides together ok? So now we do 1 chain stitch in the air and we mark it as the beginning. We do single crochet stitches all over the other side. 17 stitches in total. (see pic)

ganxxet fabric yarn

This picture is the chain with single crochet stitches for both sides. The turquoise cord marks the beginning for one side (with a chain stitch) and the grey is the mark for the other side. 

4) Now we can go on with single crochet stitches and crochet around both sides. I always mark the beginning of the row (grey cord). When we arrive to the other side of the purse, we can take out the mark (turquoise cord), and skip the chain that we have made. Go on crocheting with single crochet. 

5) Go on crocheting until you get your desired measure but remember to mark the beginning. 

6) Once we have made the last row, we turn around the purse. Now we do another half of the row with single crochet stitches. This is the beginning of the flap. 

ganxxet fabric yarn

7) Now, we must change the color to Nantuteck. Remember that we have to sew the new color to the old one. We repeat single crochet stitches for half of the row. 17 stitches in total.

8) Now we start making the flap form of a triangle. To do that, we have to do : 4 single crochet, 4 double crochet, 1 treble crochet, 4 double crochet, 4 single crochet. Each time you change the type of stitches, we do a chain stitch in the air. 

9) To give a little more shape, we can do another row of single crochet stitches. Just remember to skip the chain stitches you have done in the previous row. 

10) To finish we cut and sew the rest of the yarn and we add what we like: a chain, a small closer, a big one…as you wish!  

ganxxet fabric yarn

Here I add the tutorial video of Estefania from Santa Pazienzia. It's in Spanish but at least you can see how to do it if you have any doubt. Anyway, just leave a comment and I will gladly help you!

Happy crochet!


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