Savannah Pillow

Savannah Pillow

ganxxet fabric yarn pop corn stitch pillow

The motto of Ganxxet is "Knitting is our superpower" and this is because when I was little and I saw my grandma knitting, crocheting or sewing I was amazed... I truly believed that she had some kind of superpower to create my favorite sweater or replicate the same dress that I'd seen in a magazine. And, you know what?  we have this superpower too... because today in this post I'm going to show you how to transform the cheapest, ugliest pillow from Ikea in one worthy to be from Anthropologie or any deco store! This is a great superpower, don't you think? :)

pop corn stitch pillow from ganxxet fabric yarn

I bought a pair of pillows in Ikea for $3.99 with the idea of decorating them with Ganxxet fabric yarn but, how it usually happens at my home, I just left them in the closet and I almost forgot about them…but! the other day I came across to these gorgeous pillows and it occurred to me that I could try to do something similar with Ganxxet t-shirt yarn with the popcorn stitch, and here you have it! 

popcorn stitch made with ganxxet fabric yarn

I really love the result! I like the contrast between the pillow color and the yarn and the pillow is soft and very comfortable... still the best part of all is that the popcorn stitch is really easy! I made a video tutorial but you'll see that it's no trouble! So, let's go?


-  Ganxxet Savannah yarn : 2 skeins

- Crochet Hook Ganxxet N12   

TIME: 4 hours 



ROW 1) With chain stitches, make as many as you need to cover from side to side of the pillow. In my case it was 40 stitches. Just take into consideration that the fabric yarn usually expands when you make bigger stitches like a single crochet, so just pull the chain from side to side and this will be the correct size. 

chain stitches to cover a pillow. Ganxxet fabric yarn

ROW 2) For each chain stitch of the previous row, make a single crochet stitch. 

ROW 3 and until you cover all the pillow) Here we will start using the popcorn stitch. The pattern will be: popcorn stitch /  two chain stitches /skip two single crochet stitches and in the third one another popcorn stitch. I made this video tutorial with the popcorn stitch and you can see that it's really simple! :

The technique is just pulling the yarn through the hole of the stitch 4 times and close it after that like a single crochet stitch. Once you have covered all the pillow side, you can close it with two rows of single crochet stitches.

popcorn stitch made with ganxxet fabric yarn

When we've finished this side, we will start with the reverse. In this case I chose to make a double crochet side. The popcorn stitch is really nice but it consumes a lot of yarn and also I thought that it will be good to have just the stitch in one side, but you can choose to do the stitch that you prefer! 

To go on with the double crochet it's very basic: just make the same amount of chain stitches than in the other side and go on until complete with double crochet stitches.  

doble crochet stitch fabric yarn ganxxet

When we finish both sides, we have to sew them together. To do that, I used a knit needle with the same Ganxxet Savannah fabric yarn. You can do it with a sewing machine if you prefer but I think that making it with the same fabric yarn you achieve a great result too.

sewing with ganxxet fabric yarn

I hope you like the Savannah Pillow and the Popcorn stitch! And as always, if you have any doubt, just leave a comment below!



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