My new beach tote

My new beach tote

summer tote made from Ganxxet fabric yarn

If you don't live in Florida, California, Hawaii or one of the warmer states I know you will hate me…but I really needed a new tote for the beach. I use to have a wicker tote that I bought in the Empordà  some years ago and I really loved it, but last week the handle brokes and it was the perfect excuse to make a new one with Ganxxet. 

I choose the Aspen color because white is my favorite color for summer but also this yarn has more lycra and I wanted this tote to be flexible and soft. 

beach tote made with Ganxxet fabric yarn
basket beach made with Ganxxet fabric yarn


-  FabricYarn: 2 units of Ganxxet Aspen Color  or your favorite color. 


- Hook N12 of Ganxxet 

- Hook N17 of Ganxxet


Because I want to use this tote for the beach (and I always carry a lot of stuff…) I made it with a round base rather than an oval one. This way the tote can stand for itself and also the bottom is bigger, so more things can go in it! So to start, we have to do a round base like the one in here.  I just made one row more with the same pattern: 6 single crochet and one double single crochets in the same stitch. 

If it's your first project, you can find here how to do the magic ring and here an example of how to increase the rows in a round base. In this video I do the second row, so 2 stitches for each one of the first row. 

beach basket made with Ganxxet Fabric yarn

Once we have finished the base we have to do one row of half double crochet stitches to emphasize the bottom and go on with nine rows with double crochet stitches. 

To do the handles, we do a row with half single crochet stitches and we calculate where to place the handles in order to be centered in the middle. Once in the correct place, we do 25 chain stitches in the air and we repeat the same in the other side. The number of stitches can be different depending on the size you want the handles. 

For the final row, we repeat the row with half single crochet stitches and we wrap the handles with single crochet as we did here

Ganxxet yarn summer tote
beach tote made with Ganxxet fabric yarn

I add a lining in the tote just to ensure that any hair clip or coin escapes through yarn holes. I buy this lovely fabric at Joann and it was my first time making a lining. I found this video tutorial in youtube and even I'm afraid it's in Spanish, I believe is easily understood for the images. 

You have to first draw a pattern in paper, after thread it and sew it at the end. It takes a little bit if it's your first time but it's worth it!

lining in a ganxxet tote
lining in a Ganxxet tote

If you have any doubt about it, just leave a comment!



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