Square basket

square basket ganxxet

Lately I'm obsessed about baskets made with Ganxxet fabric yarn, I can't help myself! they are really useful, versatile but most of all, they are lovely!

Most of the patterns we can find in internet are round baskets so I thought that a little variation would be nice and, here you have: the square basket. 

I made this one quite big because I would like to use it for the magazines but following the same pattern you can do it the size you like it! Even a collection of different sizes would be nice for a nursery or a bathroom, don't you think?

Square basket ganxxet
square basket ganxxet


Fabric Yarn:

- Ganxxet Oslo Color

- Ganxxet Washington Colo

- Ganxxet Quito Color 

Hook: Ganxxet Hook N12

Time: 4 hours

Square basket ganxxet


- Make 25 chain stitches or any size you want to do the base with the t-shirt yarn. Once finished, make 1 chain stitch more and complete the second row with single crochet stitches. Continue the next row with always 1 chain stitch at the edge and completing with single crochet stitch. 

- In my case the base was 25 stitches long and 15 wide. Once finished, a good tip is to get a large book or a shoes box and leave it on the base all night or at least some hours. It will help to have a flat base and the edges won't roll up while you are working on the sides.   

- To build the sides you have to just go on with single crochet stitches without the chain stitch at the end. What I made in the firsts rows is maintaining the book on the base, so this way is easier to keep it flat. The firsts rows can be a little tricky so always count the stitches! It's easy to do more stitches than the ones you need! (I can tell you for experience :/ )

- In my basket I made three rows of a different color. You have to just sew the new color with the old one and go on crocheting! Simple as ABC! 

- In the last two rows you have to do the handles, so you have to calculate the middle point of the smallest sides. For example in my case was 5 single crochet stitches in each side and the handle in the middle. To do the handle you do 8 or 10 chain stitches in the air (depending of how you like your handles, bigger or smaller) and you go on with single crochet stitches until the edge. I explain in this post how to make them in more detail. 

- For the final row I like to finish the basket with just half single crochet stitch but you can choose this or just a regular single crochet. 

and that's it!

As always, if you have any doubt, just leave a comment!



ganxxet square basket
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  • The instructions are not normal crochet instructions. I am unable to use.