The Pink Dahlia Basket

The Pink Dahlia Basket

ganxxet basket

Maybe I have a lot of imagination but I named this basket as "Pink Dahlia" because this "canastro" stitch seems like the leafs of a dahlia for me…too much imagination? maybe you are right! 

I learned this stitch from the Italians, they call it "canastro" that means basket and in Spanish it is called also "punto cesto", basket stitch. I did not find this stitch in English anywhere so I will call it here "canastro stitch" too. 

The canastro stitch has two wonderful pluses: it's really easy and the result is very attractive. Basically it is the combination of a single crochet stitch and a lower one (a single crochet stitch made in a row below).  I have made a video with a tutorial of this stitch so I will link it here very soon. 

ganxxet basket pink dahlia

In this basket we will use another new stitch to fasten off the final row: the reverse single crochet stitch or also called the crab stitch. I'm going to refer it as crab stitch here, it's more droll :) 

I've made another video tutorial for this stitch but I can tell you that it is also very simple, you have to just make a single crochet stitch but instead of going forward in the row, you have to go reverse. 

crochet crab stitch


Fabric Yarn:

- Ganxxet Savannah Color    

- Ganxxet Paris Color  

- Ganxxet Las Vegas Color     

- Ganxxet Saint Moritz

Hook: Ganxxet Crochet hook N12 

Time: 3 hours 

ganxxet fabric yarn


To make this basket we will use the magic ring, single crochet stitches (sc), canastro stitches and crab stitches

To start make a magic ring with 6 single crochet stitches with the t-shirt yarn. 

ROW 2) Make two single crochet stitches into each stitch of the previous round, so the number of stitches will double to 12.

ROW 3) We have to do 18 stitches so, we will alternate one single crochet with one double for the rest of the round. 

ROW 4) We do 24 stitches with the pattern of single / single/ double crochet. We complete the round. 

ROW 5) We do 30 stitches with the pattern single / single/ single/ double crochet. We complete the round. 

ROW 6) We do 36 stitches with the pattern single / single/ single/ single/ double crochet. We complete the round. 

ROW 7) We start here with the canastro stitch, so we have to alternate a single crochet stitch with a lower single crochet, this means a single crochet with the stitch of the lower row. 

ROW 8/ 9/ 10/ 11/ 12: We do all the rounds with the canastro stitch. 

ROW 13/ 14: Change color from Savannah to Paris color and we complete the round with the canastro stitch and we do one more row, the row 14. 

ROW 15/ 16: Change color from Paris to Las Vegas and we do two rounds more of canastro stitch. 

ROW 17/ 18: Change the color from Las Vegas to Saint Moritz and we do another two rounds of canastro stitch.

ROW 19: To fasten off we complete this final row with the crab stitch. Remember that this is like a single crochet stitch but we go reverse in the row. 

**Tip: there are different ways to change the color but for me one of the bests is just cutting the yarn and sewing the new color with the old one and just go on with the project.

If you have any doubt regarding this Dahlia Basket just leave a comment! 



ganxxet t-shirt yarn basket
ganxxet basket fabric yarn

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