Cosmetic Bags

Cosmetic Bags

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 Hello friends!

Today I have a very summery bag that can be the perfect cosmetic bag during the day or a really cool clutch for your summer nights! 

Also, I have made two versions of the same bag with the same materials BUT you have two completely different styles! This is the magic of working with Fabric yarn, just changing the print and the combinations, you have infinite options!

The good news is that the pattern is also REALLY EASY, it will take me just a few lines to explain how to make it... :) ready?!

ganxxet fabric yarn


- Fettuccia in your favorite color: 1/3 of a roll for each bag. 

- Fabric Yarn in your favorite print: ½ roll for each bag. 

- Crochet Hook 9mm / M-13 for Fettuccia and 10mm / N 15 US for Fabric Yarn. 

- For the liner: fabric, a zipper, scissors, needle and thread. 

- Any complements you would like to add: tassels, trimming, fringes, braids...

TIME: 2 hours + the lining (1h extra)



When we make this type of bag or a clutch we don't make a base, we basically make a line of chain stitches and we work for both sides of the chain to make the entire piece. It's the same process we used for this clutch. 

For these bags I used the "Moss Stitch", this stitch has different names like granite stitch or seed stitch. Basically, you have to make a single crochet and a chain, skip one stitch, single crochet/ chain one, skip one stitch and go on.. but you have this video tutorial here where you can see more clearly how to make the moss stitch. 

So, know that we know how to make the stitch we can go on!

ROW 1) With the Fettuccia, you make 25 chain stitches +1 (this extra to grow to next row). If you star with fabric yarn, you maybe want to make less number of chain stitches because the fabric yarn is more bulky and the bag will be too big. Just have in mind that the final number of chain stitches must be an even number. 

ROW 2 to Row 12) We grow making the moss stitch for both sides of the chain stitch. I made 12 rows changing the material in between. For the pink orange and flowers bag, I made 4 rows of pink fettuccia / 4 rows of Tulum print fabric yarn/ 4 rows of orange fettuccia.

For the pink cosmetic bag I made 6 of pink fettuccia and 6 of Cozumel fabric yarn. 

ROX 13) To finish, we make a last row of slip stitch and we are done!

I added a liner and a zipper to the cosmetic bags. I made the mistake to not make pictures or a video of how to add a liner with zipper to the bag, but I'll do it in a future handbag. You have a small explanation here.

Anyway, if it's your fist time, don't be intimidated! There are better ways to do it but I usually just fold the fabric and I put the bag on top. You cut the fabric with the form of the bag leaving a little fabric on the edges. You sew the two sides and you sew the zipper on the top edge.

Now you just need to sew the folder to the makeup bag. I don't have a sew machine so I made the lining sewing manually. It's more work and your fingers will be sore the next day but you can do it :)  

I also added a pompom trimming to the pink makeup bag and a tassel made with thread to the flower one. Add your favorite complements and enjoy the summer with these beauty bags! 

Leave a comment if you have nay doubt!




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