Halloween Party Tablecloth

ganxxet halloween

Halloween is all about having fun!

If your are going to throw a Halloween party we have the perfect decoration for you! It is this tablecloth knitted with Ganxxet fabric yarn. It's super super easy and fast to make and you can even include some other decorations like little spiders, bats or pumpkins for example. 

Also, you can use it as a decoration and hang it from the wall or the ceiling or use it as a rug. 


- 1 or more rolls of Ganxxet's fabric yarn in intense orange or black. With 1 roll you will make a 40x40 tablecloth. 

- Circular 50 US knitting needles. ( 25 mm )

Time: 1 hour

Level: Very Easy


Cast on 35

Odd Rows - knit all across

Even Rows - purl all across

Row 55 - Bind off

Be sure to block your tablecloth so as to allow for it to lay evenly. 


That's it! Super easy right?!

Happy Halloween Friends!

Design by: Jerica Tompkins from www.yarnhookneedles.com for Ganxxet. 

All rights reserved. 

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