Knitted Fall Table runner

ganxxet fabric yarn table runner

It's Thanksgiving day!

We all have a lot of reasons to be grateful and for me, this little community is a big blessing! So today I would like to thank you for being here supporting this little adventure of Ganxxet!

To celebrate we have a quick and easy pattern of this fall table runner. It is made using the Budapest print in Ganxxet Fabric Yarn but you can use any color or print to adapt it at your favorite table set up. Let's knit it!


- 2 Print skeins of Ganxxet Fabric Yarn or 1 Big skein of solid color. 

- Size 19 Knitting needles

MAKE TIME: 1h 1/2

LEVEL: Very Easy

ganxxet fabric yarn table runner


Measure out about 18 inch. Make a slip knot and cast on 18 sts

Row 1 - 152 : knit all stitches

Row 153: Bind Off

Tie off and weave in your ends.

Super easy right?!

Happy Thanksgiving friends, and happy knitting!

ganxxet fabric yarn table runner

Design by: Jerica Tompkins from for Ganxxet. 

All rights reserved. 

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