Tapestry pillow with Ganxxet fettuccia yarn

ganxxet Fettuccia pillow tapestry

Hi everyone!

This month, Laura from Loops by Laura will show us how to make this beautiful black and white pillow with the tapestry technique: 

"Have you ever heard of Tapestry or Jacquard crochet? This month we will work with tapestry crochet in this beautiful pillow in black and white. Maybe it seems difficult but you just need some extra attention and a pattern or design to follow. 

This technique uses two or more yarns in different colors and meanwhile we are using one color, the rest of the colors are hide inside the weave. Using this technique you can create different colorful forms in pillows, rugs, handbags...

We will use the center single crochet stitch for this project (it is also called knit stitch or waistcoat stitch). It has this name because the stitch seems knitted. It's easy, you just need to introduce the hook between the Vs of the previous row. 

                   GANXXET FETTUCCIA


We will need the following:

- 4 discs of Ganxxet Fettuccia Yarn (2 of each color).

- Crochet hook Ganxxet # 10

- Round cushion 

- Scissors and thread to sew. 

Time: 3 hours

Level: Medium

Stitches used: chain stitch (ch st), single crochet ( sc ), center single crochet ( csc ), slip stitch (sl st), increase ( inc ), decrease ( dec). 

gannet fettuccia yarn

Step by step:

We will work this project in one piece. Our pattern is based in 10 stitches so if you want to make another size of the project, you will need to make always multiple of 10 stitches. 

Lower base of the pillow:

We will work in spiral as in the amigurumis, that is, we don't close the rows or neither we start with a chain stitch in the new row, except in the last one. 

ROW 1: Black color. We start with a magic ring of 8 sc. 

ROW 2: We increase 2 sc in each stitch of the previous row. (16 stitches ). 

ROW 3: * 2 sc in the first stitch (inc), 1 sc in the next stitch*, we repeat * until the end of the row. (24 stitches). 

ROW 4: *2 sc in the first stitch (inc), 1 sc, 1 sc*, we repeat * until the end of the row. (32 stitches).

ROW 5: * 2 sc in the first stitch (inc), 1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc* we repeat * until the end of the row. We close with sl st in white color (40) and finish with 1 ch st. 

Central part of the pillow:

Make the next row in csc in white, close with 1 sl st. Change the color and make 1 row in csc in black. Here you have an example of how to make the csc. As you can see on the picture below the stitches are aligned one under the other. You just have to introduce the hook in the V of the single crochet. 

                knit stitch ganxxet

In the following rows, crochet using the tapestry technique with csc and follow the following pattern: 

                tapestry ganxxet <-

                * Each small square in the pattern means 1 csc. Start from right to left.

Start each row with 1 ch st and close each row with 1 sl st. Once you have finished all the rows on the pattern, make 1 row in sc closing one row in black and another row in white, as we have make at the beginning. 

To change the color, do not finish the stitch, make it as showed in the pictures below. With two loops of the csc that you have in your hook, leave the black color and continue to carry it forward, picking up the white yarn with your crochet and passing it through both loops. This is the tapestry technique.                                           tapestry crochet ganxxet                    tapestry ganxxet    

                                       tapestry ganxxet

If you have never used this technique, maybe this video can help you. 

Depending the size of your pillow you have to crochet more or less rows. You just have to follow the design of the pattern. 

Upper base of the pillow: 

Once we have finished the body of the pillow, we need to close it. Insert the pillow in the cover you have made. We have 40 stitches (if you follow exactly this pattern) and we will decrease in spiral as in the amigurumis. 

ROW 43: Black color, *1 dcs, 1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc* repeat * until the end of the row (32). 

ROW 44: * 1 dsc, 1 sc, 1 sc* we repeat * until the end of the row (24). 

ROW 45: * 1 dcs, 1 sc* repeat * until the end of the row (16). 

ROW 46: * 8 dcs (8). 

We close with 4 dcs. We leave the long yarn to sew and hide it inside the pillow. 

Hope you all love this pattern! 



ganxxet tapestry



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