The Cute Bear Rug

The Cute Bear Rug

ganxxet bear rug

I fell in love with this rug since the first time I saw it in Laura's webpage. Laura is the artist behind Susimiu and her work is really inspiring. She makes gorgeous rugs! 

The problem was that I need an excuse to make a baby rug like this one, so when one of my friends had her baby girl Itzel, it was the perfect excuse! 

The rug is basically 1 simple round rug of 3 ft and 3.3inch (1 meter) with 3 simple rounds sew it and the ears.  The noise and eyes are make with felt and sew it too in the rug. Believe or not drawing the felt pieces was the most difficult for me and finally my husband made them hahaha drawing is not my thing as you can imagine! :) 

ganxxet bear rug


- Ganxxet Fabric Yarn in baby pink or the color you prefer: 3 rolls

- Ganxxet Fabric Yarn in white: ½ roll

- Ganxxet Fabric Yarn in another pink tone: 1/3 roll

- Felt in black

- Scissors and material to sew the pieces. 

TIME: 3 hours + the sewing (1h extra)



This time, I'm going to post it the diagram that Laura did. if you are not familiar with it, just have in mind that the symbol like an I is a double crochet and when its like an V means 2 double crochet in the same stitch.

In the diagram you see that the main rug have 10 rows but I did 14. To make the extra rows you just need to go on and make a double crochet when need it.  If you want to make it even bigger, just have in mind to also increase a little bit the rest of the pieces. 

Here it goes the diagram thanks to Susimiu:

The big one is the round base, followed by the snout and the round of the cheeks and the semicircle of the ears. 

When you have the pieces, you just have to place them and sew it and draw on felt the eyes and nose. 

I really love this rug! It's easy to make and the result is just gorgeous! Also another thing I love about the fabric yarn is that it's soft and bulky so it's perfect for a baby to play in it. I just hope that baby Itzel will love it and will have really good times in it!

Let me know if you have any doubt!




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