GANXXET Washi Yarn - Brown, grey and mauve combination

GANXXET Washi Yarn - Brown, grey and mauve combination

$ 9.90 USD

Ganxxet Washi Yarn is the new trend of yarn. It's made from recycled fabric. The factory pulverize old fabrics converting them in just dust. Then, they bind this dust with cellulose making this amazing new yarn, ready for a new life! 

Washi Yarn Ganxxet is pretty spectacular, the feel is like paper but it's super strong! With this amazing yarn you can knit, crochet or make reality any fiber art project you have in mind. It comes in a beautiful range of colors, so just choose and try it! and give to this old fabric another opportunity to shine!

Fibres: 70% Polyester, 30% Viscose 
Length: 250 yards
Weight:  3.6 oz / 100 gr
Width: 0.059 inch / 1.5mm 
Suggested knitting needles: 8 mm- 12mm / US 11 - 17
Suggested crochet hook: 3.5mm - 8mm  
Our GANXXET yarn photos are representative of the color you'll receive. We try our best that the pictures are a true representative of the actual color but please have in mind that little variations in the color can occur. 

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