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  • Composition: Recycled Cotton
  • Length: 328 feet - 100 m
  • Weight: 1.10 lb - 500 g ± 5%
  • Diameter: 4 mm - 0.16 inch
  • Perfect for Macrame and Weaving: This is a very versatile string for macrame, perfect for softer detailing. If you’re looking for an adorable macrame boho look, that’s a great choice because it unravels beautifully.

Take your macrame projects to the next level with our best-selling GANXXET Macrame Soft Cotton Cord!

This single-strand cotton cord is gentle on your fingers, making it easier to tie all those knots. Its smooth texture works well for adding soft details to your pieces, and it unravels into a beautiful fringe.

Our Macrame Soft Cotton Cord is manufactured using an eco-friendly manufacturing process. We start by selecting cotton fabrics that have been discarded from the garment industry. Then we break the fabric into fibers and spin them to create a new cord. We never dye the fiber.

This unique process helps keep fabric out of landfills and reduces CO2 emissions. It also uses less than half the water and energy compared to conventional cotton yarn manufacturing.

By selecting fabrics of similar colors when manufacturing our Soft Cotton Cord, we can create the highest quality upcycled cotton cord on the market in a variety of beautiful colors. From bold and vibrant to natural hues, you’re sure to find the shade you need! 

We’re proud to meet the European and American standards and norms that keep you and our planet safe. It complies with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and Global Recycled Standard (GRS).

Try before you buy! If you’re still hesitating, you can get some samples to see, touch, and feel the quality and color variety of our cord. Choose a bundle here. You can create macrame jewelry or keychains to feel it in your hands and check the high-quality results!

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As a result of the high demand for Ganxxet products, they may sell out rapidly. The recycled cotton used in their production can result in varying color shades between different batches. Therefore, we advise you to consider ordering a little extra for your particular projects.

While we make every effort to showcase our colors as accurately as we can, please be aware that the color on your screen may slightly differ from the actual product you receive at home.

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Macrame Soft Cotton Cord is created by twisting several threads of cotton fiber together in the same direction. By twisting continuously forward as we carefully keep all the threads in sync, we can create a smooth, even cord that doesn't snag or leave any threads out of place.

This careful creation makes our cord an excellent choice for macrame and weaving. It comes in several sizes, from 2 mm to 8 mm, for all your crafting needs.

Here at GANXXET, we care about the environment. And we want to do our part to take care of our planet. That’s why our Macrame Soft Cotton Cord is 100% zero waste, meaning nothing goes to landfills or oceans during manufacturing.

To minimize our environmental impact, we upcycle cotton from the garment industry into a high-quality cotton cord. This process avoids standard energy-intensive production methods and keeps fabric out of landfills.

You can feel good knowing that when you buy from GANXXET, you support a company that puts the environment first.

Single Strand Cotton Cord is plied cotton. That means it’s made of several fiber strands twisted together to create one cord.

This makes our Macrame Soft Cotton Cord incredibly strong and durable. It can withstand the wear and tear of macrame projects without fraying or breaking apart.

If you twist together three of these single-strand cotton cords, you will get a 3-ply cotton rope.

This post dives into more detail about macrame strings, cords, and ropes.

With our Macrame Soft Cotton Cord, you can create endless macrame pieces.

Here are some of our favorite beginner-friendly projects to get you started:

Wall Hangings: Create a unique addition to your home decor in the form of a beautiful macrame wall hanging.

Plant Hangers: Add a touch of boho-chic style and make hanging plants from the ceiling easier.

Keychains: Transform the cord into a fun and functional keychain with a little bit of creativity.

Bags: Make your own macrame bag to store all the things.

Dream catcher: Create a macrame dream catcher to hang in your bedroom for an extra touch of whimsy.

No matter your project, our Macrame Soft Cotton Cord will ensure your final pieces look great.

You can find our Macrame Soft Cotton Cord in various colors that are perfect for any project. From heather gray to apple green, we have loads of colors for your crafting needs.

However, please note that since we're using recycled cotton and not adding dyes, color shades may vary from one batch to another. It's always best to order a little extra to ensure your spools come from the same batch.

Also, we do our very best to display our colors accurately. But, since screens are calibrated differently, the product may look slightly different from what you see online.