Beautiful Things

We love to create things with my hands and if you are reading this, we're pretty sure you love it too :) 

Th crafty world is evolving with new, exciting yarns like Fabric Yarn, Fettuccia,Tape Yarn, Cotton Rope, Linen Twine…and this is the mission of Ganxxet, bring this amazing products to you.  

GANXXET is all about new products to crochet and knit, because we love this time just for us, counting stitches and concentrated in a pattern. The peace of not thinking in anything else. They say that crochet is the new yoga and I think they are right! 

To work with GANXXET yarns is very easy and to create a project is faster compared with the classical wool crochet or knit. 
It is a good way to learn how to crochet or knit, because the yarn is bigger and easier to get the stitches. 
It is colorful! With GANXXET fabric yarn you have a lot of colors and prints to combine and it will always be different!
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