Natural Brown Chunky 100% Merino Wool

Natural Brown Chunky 100% Merino Wool

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100% Natural Merino Wool from Spain.

It is a natural wool, not dyed or treated with chemicals. This wool is from the black merino sheep from Extremadura, in danger of extinction  so buying this wool you are helping this breed.   

This is 23 Micron count Merino. It is light, soft and spongy. Perfect to knit with your arms or giant needles. You can also dye it, spinning or felting.

We offer this wool in different weights, that you can choose depending your project, so you will not need to cut it. 

This merino is ethically sourced from farms that do NOT practice museling.

Approximate measures of wool used in different projects:

2 lbs - Long Scarf
4 lbs - Small Baby Blanket 30”X42"
6 lbs - Small Child Size Blanket 36”x60"
8 lbs - Standard Throw/Blanket 48”x60"
10 lbs - Blanket Size 60”x60"
12 lbs - Blanket Size 60"x70"
14 lbs - Queen Size Blanket 60”x80”

Our GANXXET  photos are representative of the color you'll receive. We try our best that the pictures are a true representative of the actual color but please have in mind that little variations in the color can occur. 

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