Curated Bundles

Curated Bundles

GANXXET's Best Selling Product Bundles

GANXXET curated bundles are a great solution when you need to make sure you don’t run out of macrame cord.

Each bundle contains coordinating colors of our best-selling, 4 mm single-strand cotton cord made from eco-friendly recycled cotton sourced from the garment industry. This versatile cord is perfect for creating intricate macrame and weaving projects that feature soft detailing.

What’s more, our curated bundles save you money! You can enjoy a 12% discount compared to buying each product individually.
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A GANXXET Curated Bundle is a hand-selected package of top-of-the-line macrame cords. Each bundle includes coordinating colors that look beautiful together with the perfect amount of cord for a wide variety of macrame projects.

Each curated bundle is unique, so you'll need to click on the one you're interested in to see its exact contents. Typically, each one includes three or four spools of coordinating colors.

Many of the spools contain 1,640 feet of macrame cord. But you can verify the amount included when you choose your bundle.

To give you a better idea of what you'll get in a GANXXET Curated Bundle, here's a peek at the contents of the Curated Bundle - Cocoa, Almond, & Ocean Teal:

- Soft Cotton 4 mm Single Strand 1640 ft in Cocoa
- Soft Cotton 4 mm Single Strand 1640 ft in Almond
- Soft Cotton 4 mm Single Strand 1640 ft in Ocean Teal

The three included spools create a pleasing color palette that you can use to create different projects.

If you prefer to be surprised by the contents, check out our Curated Mystery Box. This large bundle contains at least eight items handpicked by our experienced GANXXET team. You'll be delighted by the selection of different fibers and colors.

Each bundle contains plenty of soft macrame cords that you can use for various macrame, weaving, knitting, or crochet projects.

However, no additional craft supplies are included, such as knitting needles, crochet hooks, or weaving looms. You'll need to purchase those separately.

If you were to purchase each of the items in a GANXXET Curated Bundle separately, it would cost more than buying them together in one of our bundles.

For example, the Curated Bundle - Ice Lemon, Ice Green & Bay Leaf costs $104.95. Without the bundled discount, you'd spend $119.85 to get the same materials. That's a 12% savings.

You save even more with the Curated Mystery Box. Here, you get $150-worth of beautiful cord for only $99. That saves you $51!

GANXXET Curated Bundles are a great way to stock up on quality cords. Not only will you save money, but the bundles also make it easy to choose coordinating colors that look great together.

Our Curated Bundles are perfect for busy makers who don't have time to review all of the color options and determine which ones to purchase.

These bundles are also eco-friendly. The soft cotton cord from GANXXET has been made from recycled cotton from the garment industry.

Plus, we offer free shipping on orders over $95. And if, for some reason, you're not happy with your purchase, returns and exchanges are easy. You'll just pay the shipping to get the materials back to us, and we'll issue a refund or quickly ship out an exchange.

So why wait? Shop now to get all the cords you need for your next project!