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Macrame, Crochet, And Knitting Braided Cords

At GANXXET, we carefully craft our braided cords to give your art a thick look and texture. This type of cord is an excellent choice for macrame and weaving projects, as well as XXL knitting or crocheting pieces.

With our lightweight braided cord, your next project is sure to please!

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Braided cords are created by braiding different strands of fiber together. Depending on the type of braid used, the finished ropes can be flat or round. Round braided cords often have a filler inside to help provide strength and stability.

Polyester is a common filler, but it stands out too much for many crafters. That’s why GANXXET 9 mm and 10 mm Braided Cords are filled with recycled cotton that matches the outer sheath. You can brush it out to create a lovely, matching fringe.

Flat braided cords, like our Lace Braided Cord or lightweight Barcelona Braided Cord, don’t have a filler or a core. Instead, it lays flat and is thinner than the rounded versions. Even though it’s not as chunky, flat braided cord still adds a subtle texture to your pieces.

Braided cords are so versatile that you can use them to craft many items, including:

- Handbags
- Plant hangers
- Ornaments
- Keychains
- Wristlets
- Wall hangings
- Boho macrame curtains
- Chunky coasters

As long as your final product can have a bit of texture, you can try making it with a braided cord.

Braided and single-strand cords are different, so the one you should use depends on the project you have in mind. To help you decide, here are some benefits of using braided cords:

- Strong and sturdy: Braiding multiple strands together makes them more robust than a single strand. The core also contributes to its sturdiness so you don’t have to worry about unraveling.

- Gentle on your hands: Twisted rope can feel a bit rough on your hands. The smooth outer sheath of the braided cords is a pleasure to work with.

- Adds texture: Braided cords have a unique look that adds texture to every project.

GANXXET is committed to creating eco-friendly materials for crafters. That’s why we repurpose discarded cotton fabric from the garment industry and give it a new life as a cord. We use this recycled material to form our braided cord.

We select similarly colored garments and break them down into fibers. Then, we spin these to create a cotton thread. This thread forms the backbone of all of our cotton cords. And we use a special machine to tightly braid several strands together to create the braided rope.

Cotton can absorb moisture, so if you use a cotton cord outdoors, it’ll likely mold before too long. However, not all materials are as prone to moisture damage as cotton, so you can safely use some braided cords outside.

At GANXXET, we offer a selection of braided cords rated for outdoor use. Our line of Outdoor Recycled Braided Cord is made from recycled polypropylene, a material that can withstand the elements. It won’t break down in the sun and can get wet without molding.

This is a great choice if you need braided cords for a hammock, plant hanger, or any other project to use in the great outdoors!