Our Story

The story of Ganxxet is the story of constant change, as life itself.

I used to work in the food industry, specialized in international business. How is this related to yarn you might think? Well it is not! I knew nothing about yarn a few years ago except for seeing my granny always with yarn in her hands in the afternoon. But I was pulling my own weight at work, travelling a lot and starting to feel the stress of it. So I started knitting and it worked wonders.


Every time I had yarn in my hands I felt the balance again, my brain relaxed and all that mattered at this moment were the stitches. So I couldn’t stop and I haven’t since then…

One day my husband was offered to move to US due to a job offer. We packed a few belongings, we prepared our two dogs and we left to our next adventure, in Miami. I was still working for the food industry in a new job but this time my schedule was really good and I decided to spend my spare time making some home décor for our apartment. To my surprise I couldn’t find my latest yarn obsession, fabric yarn, so my husband joked about it: “Well, you can always import a pallet, at your pace, I’m sure it will be gone in a week!”.

Six months later I quit my job and Ganxxet was born. I had decided to not keep the pallet just for me, but to share it with other knitters and crocheters who couldn’t find these materials in US. And the family of cords, yarns and rope has not stopped growing since then.  

Our first years here were not easy at all in our personal life...experiencing infertility and later the uncertainties arising from an adoption process. But Ganxxet was always my lifesaver, my safe space. I truly believe in the magic of creating, it can change your life and give you the needed space and time for oneself.

Sometimes it has been challenging, specially when I became Emma’s mom because she is my focus and my priority in life and it is sometimes hard to find balance and keep up with everything. But what’s true is that at the same time I also feel the excitement and the happiness of creating my own path. That is why I know it is very important to believe in oneself, and at the same time, feel accompanied on the way.

The Fiber Art Community gave me this opportunity and I’m thankful about it. I feel accompanied on my path with the makers movement and I hope to accompany you in yours!

I can feel you when I read some of you taking risks with your stores, designs and projects. When you get stuck during the process, undo what you have already done and start over, filled with patience and courage and finally achieve the piece you always dreamt of... Isn’t it an extraordinary path?

You may wonder the meaning of ‘Ganxxet’. With just one X it means Crochet in Catalan, my native language, but I doubled the XX because I loved the hidden message of “girls united”.

I know it’s not the easiest to pronounce! Let’s try with Gan-shsh-e-t, stressed on the last syllable.

From the very beginning I was clear that I wanted Ganxxet not only to be the small shop where to get your go to fiber material but also to empowering women creating their own path. Either for finding time to meditate and finding this much sought-after inner space, or for accompanying them and seeing their small businesses grow up with great success. Checking out your fiber projects taking shape, makes me so happy!

I’m not alone in Ganxxet. I’m so grateful to be surrounded by strong and creative women. 

Without all the amazing women in my life Ganxxet would not be possible (and some amazing men too, of course! Like my husband Jaume).

If you ever are visiting Miami, please come by and say hello! I’ll be pleased to open Ganxxet Atelier doors for you to meet this fiber paradise where I enthusiastically work every day.

Thanks for being here and making Ganxxet possible.

Love always,