Outdoor 2mm Macrame Braided Cord

Outdoor 2mm Macrame Braided Cord

Introducing Ganxxet's new 2mm macrame cord made of 100% polypropylene, perfect for macrame and crochet projects. This durable cord is suitable for creating a variety of items such as hammocks, plant hangers, handbags, shopping bags, sun hats, shoes, carpets, DIY crafts, and decorative projects.

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Yes, you can definitely use 2mm polypropylene macrame cord for crochet projects. Its lightweight and durable properties make it well-suited for various crochet techniques.

No, unlike natural fibers, polypropylene does not significantly shrink when wet or under normal conditions. However, it may appear to shrink slightly upon initial expansion after cutting due to its tendency to return to its original shape.

Like other synthetic fibers, polypropylene is resistant to fading caused by sunlight exposure. However, prolonged contact with harsh chemicals or extreme heat may cause slight changes in color.