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12 Easy And Free Macrame Patterns: From Beginner To Expert

Not long after you start tying macrame knots, you’ll probably want to make something. That’s where macrame patterns come in handy.

You can find plenty of free patterns to get started making beautiful and practical things with your newfound skill. But what exactly is a macrame pattern? And what do you need to know to use one?

This article will walk you through some of the basics so you can begin knotting your way to success in no time.

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What’s A Macrame Pattern?

Macramé Pattern

Macrame as a craft relies on tying parallel strands of cord or rope into knots. Depending on which knots you tie, in what order, and with which particular strands, you’re able to create different designs. A pattern simply guides you step-by-step to reach a particular desired end.

Some patterns provide written instructions, photographs, or illustrations to help you visualize the process. Others provide step-by-step videos from a skilled macrame artist.

But before you launch into a search for patterns, here are a few things you’ll want to have ready first.

What You Need To Start Macrame Patterns

To get started, you’ll need a rod or stick to hang your starter cord from. It will hold your project together as you build it.

Having a measuring tape handy also helps you make sure your cord lengths are correct for your project and avoid wasting any material. You’ll also need a pair of scissors to cut your lengths of cord and trim any excess once you’ve tied some knots.

Lastly, there’s the cord itself. To practice, you can use almost anything — even twine. But when you begin making something that you’ll want to hang, wear, or use in some way, you’ll want to make sure the cord you’re using is appropriate for your project.

You can use string, cord, or rope for your macrame. But keep in mind these are actually different, building from thinnest to thickest. For example, string is single, unplied thread. Cord is comprised of multiple strands of string, and several cords twisted together yield rope.

GANXXET supplies a wide range of all these materials in enough colors to help you create just about anything you want. And our cotton cord is twisted in a continuous forward motion that ensures all strings are synchronized.

Why does that matter? It gives our cotton cord extra smoothness and makes sure it’s even. This means that when you tie it into beautiful patterns, it will shine and not have uneven interruptions that could mar your creation.

In general, cotton cord is softer than rope and is easier on your hands. GANXXET macrame cotton cord comes in 4 mm for detailed pieces, and 6 mm and 8 mm for projects that require more heft. But whatever the size, fringes of this cord won’t look frayed or fuzzy.

Different types of macramé cord

Practice Your Knots

Before you launch into finding a macrame pattern for that sweater you’ve always wanted to make, take time to master a basic range of macrame knots. This will help you in two ways.

First, you’ll find it easier to actually tie your way through whatever it is you’re creating. But equally important, you’ll be better able to understand a pattern as it refers to and demonstrates various knots if they’ve already become second nature to you.

Also, make sure that before you choose a pattern, you see what knots it requires. If they’re knots you already know, you’re all set. If not (no pun intended), you may want to learn them before diving in.

Once you have your materials and your knotting ability, you’ll be ready to try a macrame pattern. Here are a few free ones to choose from.

12 Free Macrame Patterns


The first four basic patterns on our list would be perfect starter projects. Take a look below!

macramé patterns for book holder

1) Book Holder

Turn a favorite book or magazine into instant wall art with this macrame pattern.

2) Coasters

macramé patterns for heart coasters

Protect your furniture from glass rings and spills with these adorable heart-shaped coasters.

3) Yoga Strap

macrame patterns for a yoga strap

Sling your yoga mat over your shoulder with ease once you make this personalized strap.

With our 3 mm 3-ply Cotton Rope and Natural Wood Hoops, you can take your yoga practice to the next level with your own unique style.

4) Curtain Tiebacks

Amp up the beauty of your curtains with these elegant macrame curtain tiebacks.


When you’re ready for something a little more challenging, try one of the following.

5) Plant Hanger

Simple, practical, and lovely, a plant hanger dresses up any space. Measure your flower pot heights, and follow the step-by-step tutorial below:

Source: Dwell Beautiful

6) Wall Hanging

You can make wall hangings of different sizes and shapes to display as artwork around your home! Watch this video to see how you can turn our Single Strand Cotton Cord into the tapestry of your dreams.

Source: Soulful Notions

7) Placemat

Call it what you want — placement, laptop mat, or just table decoration — this macrame pattern is sure to get you compliments while also being practical.

Source: createwithjenn

8) Bag

To show off your newfound skills, create a cute and functional crossbody bag.

Personalize it to your style with our Linen Flamé collection. This material has a finish that is softer than normal linen but still maintains a rustic touch and incredible shine.

Learn how to create your own masterpiece here:

Source: Soulful Notions

9) Necklace

Macrame necklaces are fun statement pieces to master and wear. Learn how to tie one of these intricate macrame patterns here:

Source: Myow handmade

10) Feather Earrings

Add flair to your style with macrame feather earrings. Follow this tutorial and pick up a Macrame Cord Fringe Brush to make any fringe designs a reality.

Source: Rachel Colton

11) Bracelets

Looking for a great gift idea or want to create matching bracelets for you and a little one? Check out this video for how to make macrame bracelets below:

Source: Creation And You


When you're ready for a larger challenge, here’s one more to try.

12) Curtain

A macrame curtain is a statement piece that will totally transform your space. Shop the GANXXET line of string, cord, or rope to get started on this exciting project!


Have Cord, Will Create

No matter which macrame pattern you choose, it’s easy to get started when you have the right supplies on hand.

When selecting your materials, be sure to use high-quality cord with a beautiful sheen and color, like GANXXET Soft Cotton Cord, to ensure an end product you’re proud of.

Of course, the 12 patterns we’ve listed only scratch the surface of what you can do. In addition to hundreds of patterns available online from the macrame enthusiast community, you can get creative on your own.

You’re only limited by your imagination — and maybe how much time you have to tie knots. Happy knotting!

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