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25 Free Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns For Beginners

If you're new to macrame, try one of these easy macrame wall-hanging patterns. They're perfect for beginners! With a bit of practice, you'll be able to create beautiful macrame decor that will add a touch of style to any room.

But before you start tying knots, let’s look at a few wall hanging basics.

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What Is A Macrame Wall Hanging?

A macrame wall hanging is a piece of art made by knotting cords or ropes in various patterns. It can be made from different materials, including cotton, linen, hemp, and jute.

Wall hangings range in size and style. For example, you can create a small piece to hang above a side table or a large one to fill an empty wall. You can also make macrame wall hangings in any color or pattern you like.

The patterns below are pretty straightforward since they're geared toward beginners. However, as you gain confidence in your macrame skills, you can move on to more complicated patterns.

Knots You Need To Know

macrame wall hanging patterns

The key to macrame is learning different knots. Let’s take a look at the important ones.

Square Knot (Reef Knot)

The most basic macrame knot is the Square Knot, also called a Reef Knot. This is the knot you often use when making macrame wall hangings.

To make a square knot, start by folding one cord in half to create a loop. Next, take the second cord, place it over the first cord, and then under the loop. Then, pull the ends of the second cord through the loop.

Next, place the top cord over the second cord, then under the loop. Pull the ends of the top cord through the loop. Finally, pull both threads tight to secure the knot.

Lark’s Head Knot

The Lark's Head is another basic knot often used in macrame wall hanging patterns. To make this knot, start by folding one cord in half and placing it over the second cord. Next, take the ends of the first cord and thread them through the loop.

Place the top cord over the second cord, then under the loop. Pull the ends of the top cord through the loop. Then, pull both cords tight to secure the knot.

This video tutorial shows you how to tie six different macrame knots, including the Lark's Head and the Square Knot:

Double Half Hitch Knot

You’ll also need to learn the Double Half Hitch. To make this knot, start by making a loop with one cord. Then, take the second cord and make a loop around the first cord.

Pull the second cord through the loop and tighten it. Next, take the second cord and make another loop around the first cord. Again, pull the second cord through the loop and carefully tighten it.

This video shows you how to tie a Double Half Hitch Knot:

Source: Marching North

We recommend practicing all three of these knots before diving into the projects below.

Tools And Supplies You Need To Create A Wall Hanging

At GANXXET, we offer a vast selection of macrame cords in different colors, textures, and sizes, so pick the one you think is best for your project.

In addition to the cord, you'll need a few other supplies, including sharp scissors and something to hang your macrame wall hanging. A wooden dowel or branch works well, but you can also use a metal ring or macrame hoop.

Finally, if your wall hanging has fringe or feather elements, you will need a Macrame Cord Fringe Brush. This tool helps you comb your fringe to ensure it's smooth, soft, and straight.

Now that you have all the supplies and know the knots,25 Free Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns you're ready to start macrame-ing!

25 Free Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns

You’ll find a link to a YouTube video for each of these macrame wall-hanging patterns. Sometimes, it’s easier to learn by watching someone else do it. These videos will help you get a feel for how to make each macrame wall hanging.

1) Rainbow Wall Hanging With Only Square Knots

Our Cotton Rope Zero Waste 5mm is a great cord for this fun, rainbow-themed project. It comes in several colors, so pick four of your favorites.

Once you have your strands ready, it’s time to attach your first row to your dowel so you can start tying knots. Use a Lark’s Head Knot to complete this step.

Then, tie alternating Square Knots. Since you tie the same knot repeatedly, it’s the perfect way to work on knot consistency. Take time to check the size and tightness of each one to ensure they look the same.

Source: Macrame for Beginners

2) V-Shaped Wall Hanging

While it looks elegant, this V-shaped wall hanging is actually a good pattern for beginners since it only uses two knots. It also gives you the opportunity to practice combing out some fringe if you want. Or you can leave the fringe hanging straight down. It’s up to you!

For this project, you’ll need a single-strand cotton cord. Our Macrame Cotton Cord Zero Waste Single Strand 6mm would knot up nicely in this project.

Source: Soulful Notions

3) Mini Macrame Wall Hanging Pattern

If you’d prefer to start with a smaller macrame project, give this one a go. It’ll allow you to practice all three of the knots mentioned above.

But first, pick up some 3- or 4-mm single-strand macrame cord, such as our Macrame Cotton Cord Zero Waste Single Strand 4 mm.

Source: made by hand

4) Square Knot Macrame Wall Hanging With Fringe

This quick project gets its texture from a braided cord. It adds a unique visual element that takes your macrame to the next level.

For this project, you’ll want to use something like our Small Cotton Air 4 mm Zero Waste. Since you need about 35 yards of material for this wall hanging, a single roll will work.

Source: MandalaBunnyHome

5) Feathered Wall Hanging

Feathers are a classic macrame element that can be used to add color and texture to your wall hanging.

This simple project combines several different feathers into one unique wall hanging. Feel free to add as many (or as few) feathers as you’d like.

Pick out a few different colors of single-strand macrame cord to create one of your own. Our Curated Bundles are a fun way to try different colors. Look for one that has 4-mm cords, such as our Celebration Bundles.

Source: ARTSY North East

6) Semi-Circle Macrame Wall Hanging Pattern

This semi-circle macrame pattern is a riff on the rainbow pattern that kicked off our list and is just as easy to do. Plus, you can make the semi-circle as large as you’d like to fit whatever wall space you want to cover.

Check out this video to see how you can turn our Single Strand Cotton Cord into the wall hanging of your dreams.

Source: Soulful Notions

7) Curtain Wall Hanging

If you’ve got a large space to cover — or really want to challenge your macrame ability — why not set your mind and fingers on this decorative curtain wall hanging?

You can make it longer or wider as you see fit and the final product looks great in any room of the house. This curtain wall hanging truly is a statement piece that will transform your space into something special.

Shop the GANXXET line of string, cord, or rope to get started on this exciting project!


8) Arch Macrame Wall Hanging

This arch-shaped macrame wall hanging is a stylish and attractive way to cover any wall in your living space.

You can also put it to use as a doorway decoration or event backdrop (think wedding or outdoor party) if the inspiration hits you.

Check out the supply list, gather everything before you start, and then give yourself plenty of time to work your way through this amazing project!

Source: TN Art & Crafts

9) Tree Of Life Dream Catcher

Love the dream catcher look but need something to cover a larger space? Scale up this Tree of Life design to make it a true wall hanging for any occasion.

If the size and complexity seem daunting, start with a small hoop and run through to the end to get the hang of it. Then, move to a larger hoop to make this dream catcher an eye-catching addition to any room.

Source: Miss Knottie Macrame

10) Hat Holder Wall Hanging Pattern

Wall hangings aren’t just for show anymore. They can be both practical and pretty.

Case in point, this decorative hat holder also functions as art for any wall in your living space.

Not sure what cord to use for this project? Try GANXXET Macrame Cotton Rope Zero Waste 3 Ply 3 mm to start and work your way up or down from there.

Source: Knot Calm

11) Framed Macrame Wall Hanging

Want to transform your favorite small- or medium-sized macrame pattern into a stunning wall hanging? Just add a frame!

Get started with this tutorial and then let your imagination run wild for even more fun.

Source: Marching North

12) Macrame Unicorn

Add a bit of color and fun to any wall with this macrame unicorn pattern for beginners.

You will need a unicorn-shaped frame to start. But, after that, the sky’s the limit on what you can do with this fun design.

Source: Bochiknot

13) Mandala Wreath

Creating a project with repeating geometric patterns can be a very satisfying way to spend an afternoon — not to mention giving you something beautiful to look at when you’re finished.

Try this mandala wreath pattern and add a bit of symmetry to your life.

Source: createwithjenn

14) Hearts On The Wall

Have you been told that you wear your heart on your sleeve? With this heart-shaped wall-hanging pattern, you can display your feelings proudly for all to see.

Once completed, these make great gifts for all the loved ones on your list.

Source: MindfulCrafts

15) Wall Pocket

Need more storage space for books, cosmetics, or office supplies? Why not macrame some?

With these pocket macrame wall hanging patterns, you can store anything you want on the walls of your living space without cluttering up your precious desk space.

Source: SashaMacramessage

16) Plant Hanger

Give the wall pocket pattern even more utility by transforming it into an attractive and functional plant hanger.

Check out this video for details and then be sure to hang the finished product correctly so the weight of it all doesn’t damage your wall.

Source: Macrame School

17) Mirror Frame

Want to add a splash of bohemian chic to your living space while still keeping things practical? This mirror frame wall hanging is a great place to start!

Be sure to assemble all your supplies first — including hot glue, cardboard, and the mirror itself — so this project goes as smoothly as possible.

Source: Knot Calm

18) Extra Texture Macrame Wall Hanging

Challenge yourself a bit and add a bit of weaving to your macrame designs. This extra texture macrame wall hanging is the perfect way to see how the two crafts work together.

Plus, the different sizes and types of cord you can use make any design even more interesting and attractive.

Source: Marching North

19) An Owl To Watch Over You

This project is simple enough that you can make a few of these guys in no time at all and have an entire family of owls to watch over you.

If you’re new to macrame, consider starting with one color of cord (our 3 mm recycled cotton rope is the perfect choice).

If you’ve got some experience under your belt, add multiple colors to the mix to make your owl even more eye-catching.

Source: Miss Knottie Macrame

20) Angel Wings

Give your decor a bit of a lift with this angel wing macrame wall hanging pattern. It’s an easy and fun project that’s good for all skill levels.

This tutorial uses one color of cord, but feel free to let your creativity go wild for a truly unique piece of wall hanging art.

Source: Rox Shana Macrame

21) Macrame Shelf

Want even more storage space than a wall pocket or plant hanger can provide? DIY this macrame shelf for a unique and practical addition to any decor.

Source: Jessy Handmade Art

22) Tassels

While not necessarily a wall hanging in and of itself, tassels are a great way to bring even more texture and variety to your macrame projects.

Add a tassel or two to any of the macrame wall hanging patterns on this list and don’t be afraid to experiment with color for even more options.

Source: Macrame Magic Knots

23) Leaves

If you liked the feather wall hanging pattern from earlier in this list, then you’ll love this leaf pattern that can add even more variety to your decor.

Mix and match the colors of our 4 mm Single Strand Soft Cotton Cord to create spring, summer, and fall looks that you can switch out according to the season.

Source: Kreasi Erny

24) Spring Flower

Bring even more natural elements into your macrame practice — and onto your walls — with this spring flower wall hanging pattern.

Use a variety of colors for an eye-popping final product and then try combining flowers and leaves for a truly unique wall hanging that can’t be beat.

Source: Kreasi Erny

25) Modern Macrame Wall Hanging Pattern

While macrame looks great as bohemian decor, why not mix things up and add a modern vibe to your wall?

With just two colors and a bit of time, you can create your own wall hanging inspired by the mid-century modern trends of the early 1900s.

For even more modern flair, build your wall hanging on a metal rod for an industrial look that can’t be beat.

Source: Lit Decor

Decorate Your Home With Macrame Wall Hangings

Wall hanging macramé decorations

Macrame wall hangings are a great way to add personality and style to your home. Get started with the five macrame wall hanging patterns above, and then branch out and try other macrame projects. You might be surprised at how addictive macrame can be!

When you’re ready to refill your supplies, you'll appreciate the variety that GANXXET offers. Our macrame cords come in various sizes, colors, and textures to ensure you always have what you need to bring your vision to life.

Check out our macrame cord selection today, and get started on your next project!

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