Fabric Yarn Metallic T-Shirt Yarn

Fabric Yarn Metallic T-Shirt Yarn

If you’re looking for a soft, chunky yarn for your handicrafts, check out our collection of fabric yarns made with factory offcuts from the garment industry. Each time you use them to create, you’re giving new life to something that’d otherwise be thrown away. 

With so many beautiful colors, you’re sure to find the perfect yarn for your projects. Check out our t-shirt yarns and see what you’re inspired to make!

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Fabric Yarn Metallic T Shirt Yarn Gold Color

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Fabric Yarn Metallic T Shirt Yarn Black Color

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Fabric Yarn Leather T Shirt Yarn Black Color

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Fabric yarn is a type of yarn made by recycling fabric offcuts from the garment industry. It gives new life to material that would otherwise end up in landfills. Cotton, velvet, satin, nylon, and rayon can all be used, along with other fibers, to produce a wide variety of colors and textures.

However, each color is a limited edition because of its production process. Since we make this yarn from offcuts, each batch corresponds to a distinct set of recycled materials. Therefore, each run is special. We cannot replicate it in the future.

We recommend purchasing all the skeins needed for a project at once to ensure color consistency.

When you make fabric yarn out of t-shirt material, you get t-shirt yarn. T-shirt yarn is an eco-friendly crafting supply, as it uses repurposed materials. You can feel good about reducing waste while creating something special.

This soft, chunky yarn is also called jersey yarn. But no matter what you call it, this beautiful yarn is a good choice for your crochet projects like baskets, rugs, and other home decor items.

Jersey yarn is available in various colors and patterns. And like all fabric yarn, each batch is unique.

T-shirt yarn is an incredibly versatile material you can use in many projects. Here are a few ideas:

Macrame wall hangings
Crocheted or knitted baskets
Knitted coasters and placemats
Crocheted headbands and scrunchies
Macrame rugs
Macrame handbags
Crocheted baby bibs
Wrapped bangles
Crocheted poufs

With so many possibilities, what will you create first?

Macrame is a crafting technique that involves tying knots in string or yarn to create decorative patterns. You can macrame home decor items, like wall hangings, or practical things, like plant holders or rugs.

This handicraft has been around for centuries and has recently experienced a resurgence in popularity. It’s a fun and therapeutic hobby that allows you to create one-of-a-kind items.

Using fabric yarn adds a modern twist to traditional macrame designs. The sturdy and soft texture is perfect for creating intricate knots and patterns. Plus, using eco-friendly materials makes your crafting more sustainable.

GANXXET t-shirt yarn is made by slicing recycled fabric into strips and pulling them with a machine to create a continuous line. The resulting string is rolled into balls or spools to make it easy for crafters to use.

Running the fabric through the machine also helps stretch it and gives the edges a bit of a curl that holds up better than a raw cut.

The process is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Plus, our yarns meet European and American standards to keep you and our planet safe.

Crochet is another craft that utilizes yarn to create things, but instead of a pair of needles, it requires a single crochet hook. As you make loops, you attach them directly into one chain. This creates a secure knot that holds the stitches in place.

Crochet appears to be interlocking chains and tiny knots. The stitches look different on each side, with one side having a patterned look, while the other has bumps along the edge.