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If you’re looking for beautiful yarns for all of your knitting and crochet projects, you’re in the right spot. Our eco-friendly yarns are perfect for your handicrafts. 

Whether you’re looking for some basic combed cotton or need something more unique, like our Wayra Alpaca Wool or Raffia Paper, GANXXET has you covered. Discover vegan wool, velvet yarn, linen, jute, combed cotton, fabric yarn, or our natural dye kit.

Explore our fibers and let them inspire your next piece!

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Knitting is a type of handicraft that uses two knitting needles to create a fabric from yarn or thread. When knitting, you loop the yarn around one needle and use the other to draw the yarn through the loops.

Depending on how you form the loops, you can create a variety of stitches and designs. The knit and purl stitches are the foundation of any knitting pattern, so you’ll want to master those first.

Once you do, you can combine them and use their variations to create almost anything. Then, you can knit flat pieces, such as blankets and scarves, or knit in the round to make hats and mittens.

Crochet is a type of handicraft that's similar to knitting. However, it uses a crochet hook instead of two knitting needles.

You loop the yarn around the hook and draw it through to create various stitches and designs. As you learn, you’ll discover that crochet utilizes five basic stitches: chain, single crochet, half-double crochet, double crochet, and slip stitch.

Once you can form these, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a crochet master. Then you can create flat or three-dimensional pieces, such as Granny squares or amigurumi stuffed animals.

You can start knitting with only three basic supplies:

- Yarn (select a weight and material that works for your project)
- Knitting needles (sized for your yarn)
- Scissors
- A yarn needle (for finishing off your work)

As you continue your knitting journey, you may want to invest in some additional supplies, such as:

- Circular knitting needles
- Stitch markers
- Swatch ruler to check your gauge

These extra supplies can help you create more complex and detailed projects. Some also allow you to knit a bit faster.

As with knitting, you don't need much to start crocheting. You can get started with four basic supplies:

- Yarn (pick one that works for your current project)
- A crochet hook (that’s the right size for your yarn)
- Scissors
- A tapestry needle (to weave in your ends)

Down the road, you may decide to pick up:

- A measuring tape
- Crochet stitch markers
- Row counters (for keeping track of where you are in a pattern)
- Different crochet hooks

These tools and supplies will allow you to crochet nearly any pattern.

Knitting is an incredibly versatile craft. Here are a few common knitting projects:

- Sweaters
- Scarves
- Tea cozies
- Blankets and throws
- Pet coats
- Shawls or cowls

No matter what you decide to knit, GANXXET yarns can help you create something unique.

Like knitting, you can crochet so many different things. Here are some popular items to crochet:

- Amigurumi
- Granny square afghans
- Hats
- Scarves
- Rugs (use some of our Braided Cords for this one)
- Tops and sweaters
- Bookmarks
- Home decor items (like baskets or coasters)

With GANXXET yarns, you can crochet almost anything!