Ganxxet 5mm 3ply Macrame Rope


Our Best Selling Cotton Ropes Made From Discarded Garment Fabric

Discover what extraordinary projects you can create with our best-selling Cotton Rope Zero Waste 5mm 3ply. We’ve taken cotton fabric discarded by the garment industry and given it a second chance to be something beautiful.

You can use this large, eco-friendly cotton rope to create chunky textures in your macrame projects. It’s perfect for macrame-weaving or making geometric designs. 

With so many fun colors, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for!

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Cotton Rope Zero Waste 5 Mm 3 Ply Cocoa Color

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Cotton Rope Zero Waste 5 Mm 3 Ply Camel Color

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Cotton Rope Zero Waste 5 Mm 3 Ply Lilac Color

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Macrame is an art form that involves knotting string or rope to create decorative pieces, such as wall hangings, plant hangers, and jewelry. Macrame has grown in popularity recently, as its boho-chic style makes a great addition to nearly any room.

Plus, macrame is relatively simple to learn. Once you master a few knots, like the Square Knot and the Half-Hitch Knot, you can create professional-looking pieces without investing in tons of supplies. You just need some GANXXET macrame cord, scissors, and a tape measure to start.

Macrame cord ranges from tiny string to thick rope. The size you need depends on the project you’re making.

GANXXET Cotton Rope 5 MM 3 Ply is a chunky option compared to some of our smaller cords. This one measures 5 millimeters in diameter, or roughly 3/16 of an inch. It would make a great wall hanging or plant hanger. You can also use it on any project where you’d like a bit of texture.

Of course, this rope won’t work for everything. It might be too thick if you’re trying to create a small macrame project, such as a keychain. Our 2mm 3 ply might be a better choice for such items.

Now that you know what the “5mm” stands for, let’s look at the other number. A 3-ply rope is one that has three strands wrapped together. It’s more durable than a single-strand rope and is easy to knot.

That quality makes it a good choice for beginners. And if you make a mistake, the thicker size is easier to untie. With 3-ply rope, you can try again until you get it right.

At GANXXET, we prioritize eco-friendliness by sourcing our material from recycled cotton waste. To avoid dying our cords, we take similarly colored discarded garments and break down the fabric into cotton fiber. Then, we spin that into thread to use for our rope.

This process means we consume less water and reduce carbon emissions compared to traditional cord production methods. This makes the GANXXET Zero Waste macrame cord an eco-friendly option that also helps reduce landfill waste.

GANXXET Cotton Rope Zero Waste 5 MM 3 Ply is a great choice for many projects. You can use it for making large, sturdy macrame wall hangings or plant hangers. It also works for animal sculptures or coasters.

Lanyards and wristlets come together quickly with this type of cord as well. As do handbags, yoga straps, and just about anything else you can think of.

Most spools contain 55 yards, or 164 feet, of high-quality macrame rope. However, there are a few exceptions. For example, the Outdoors Recycled Polypropylene Rope 5 MM 3 Ply has only 54 yards.

Each color and type of rope lists a clearly marked size on our website so you can see exactly how much you’ll get with each spool. This means you’ll be sure to have enough for all your macrame needs!