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How To Tie A Half Hitch Knot: A Tutorial

When you're creating a macrame project, the knots you use to secure the cords or strings can add a unique touch to your design. A Half-Hitch Knot is one of the basic macrame knots and a great choice when you want to add a sense of movement to your design.

As far as macrame knots go, this one is pretty simple. So grab some GANXXET Macrame Cord, and let's get started!

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What Is A Half-Hitch Knot?

woman doing a half hitch knot

A Half-Hitch Knot is an overhand knot that wraps around a single cord or string, creating a loop. It’s one of the most basic knots used in macrame, but it can still add a lot of interest to your project.

By itself, it's not very secure. But when you tie multiple Half-Hitch Knots side by side, you can create a strong and beautiful design.

Uses For A Half-Hitch Knot

Fishers use a Half-Hitch Knot to tie flies to their fishing lines. But you can also use it to tie two pieces of rope or cord together and as part of a Lashing Knot when building structures.

In addition, you can use this knot for:

  • Casting on stitches when knitting
  • Tying sutures
  • Making necklaces or bracelets
  • Finishing off the ends of drawstrings on bags

But our favorite use for this knot is macrame!

Supplies For Macrame Knots

Now that you know what a Half-Hitch Knot is, it’s almost time to tie one. But first, you need to gather some essential macrame supplies.

To practice knot tying, you’ll need:

Macrame cord comes in a variety of sizes, so you’ll want to pick one that’ll work for the project you have in mind. If you’re not sure what you need, our 4 mm single strand is a good option for beginners.

This cord is thick enough that it’s easy to untie if you make a mistake but not so thick that you can’t tie intricate knots. It’s also available in plenty of colors, so you can make anything you can dream of.

How To Tie A Half-Hitch Knot

Once you have your supplies, tying a Half-Hitch Knot is pretty easy. You make an overhand knot around the cord or string you're working with, then pull it tight.

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you master it:

1. Begin by holding your cord or string in one hand.
2. Take the other end of your cord and loop it over the first part, creating an “X” shape between them.
3. Pull the second end of your cord through the center of the “X,” forming a Half-Hitch Knot.
4. Finally, pull the end tight to secure the knot.

You can tie a Half-Hitch on a dowel or hook. Or, you can make it directly on cords that have already been attached with a Gathering Knot or Lark’s Head Knot.

The below video tutorial features a Half-Hitch Knot, so if you’re a visual learner, this is a great one to watch. Take a look:

And if you prefer a slower, step-by-step video tutorial, check this one out:

Once you’ve learned how to tie this knot, take time to practice over and over again. The more you tie the knot, the easier it’ll be!

Your goal should be to tie any of the knots you learned without having to stop and think about them. Otherwise, your creative juices may stop flowing while your brain struggles to remember the steps.

So, whether you’re working on the Square Knot or the Half-Hitch, remember that practice makes perfect.

Variations To Try

variations of a half hitch knot

Once you've mastered the basic Half-Hitch Knot, you can try a few variations to add even more variety to your macrame creations.

Alternating Half-Hitch Knot

Source: Lots of Knots Canada

An alternating Half-Hitch creates a wavy pattern of two loops and one knot. You'll alternate the knots to create your design, forming both overhand and underhand knots.

To tie this knot, cut your cord to the desired length and fold it in half. Then, attach it to a dowel with a Lark's Head Knot. Now, you'll have two cords hanging down, a left and a right.

Use the left cord and bring it over and around the right one, tying a regular Half-Hitch. Then, grab the cord on the right and bring it in front of the one on the left, tying another Half-Hitch Knot. Continue alternating which side you knot to create your design.

Double Half-Hitch Knot

Source: Made by Hand

The Double Half-Hitch is simply two Half-Hitch Knots put together. This is a popular choice for making lines of knots in your macrame projects. It looks fantastic in wall hangings!

You can make horizontal or diagonal lines, depending on how you hold your anchor string. Attach several cord sections to a dowel, following the steps in the Alternating Half-Knot section above. (See the embedded video below for a visual.)

Then, pick up the far left cord. This one will be your anchor string. Using the string next to it, tie two Half-Hitch knots. Continue holding your anchor string tight and straight as you pick up the next string and tie two Half-Hitch Knots. Repeat this sequence until you reach the end.

If you prefer a diagonal line, you make one simple change. Instead of holding your anchor string tight and straight, angle it slightly up or down. Then continue tying knots onto it with the other cords. This motion will make your line appear diagonal instead of horizontal.

Macrame Projects With A Half-Hitch Knot

Now that you've mastered the Half-Hitch Knot, you're ready to put your new skills to work with some macrame projects!

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Wall Hangings

A wall hanging is a great way to show off your knotting skills. You can combine knots, textures, and materials to create a stunning design.

This post has five free wall-hanging patterns for you to choose from. Some of them use the Half-Hitch Knot.

Yoga Mat Strap

If you like to exercise away from home, a macrame carrying strap makes it easier to get your yoga mat from Point A to Point B. This yoga strap is large enough to wear over your shoulder comfortably. And it's simple to make.

To complete it, you'll need to know how to tie the:

  • Diagonal Half-Hitch Knot (this is a Double Half-Hitch tied diagonally, as described above)
  • Square Knot
  • Gathering Knot

Here's a video tutorial you can follow:

Plant Hanger

Create a simple hanging planter to add an earthy, boho vibe to your space. Below, you'll find a video tutorial for one that only uses the Half-Hitch Knot and its variations.

Source: Don't Worry Be Crafty

What Will You Create?

Wall hangings, yoga mat straps, and plant hangers are a great starting point for showing off your Half-Hitch Knot skills. But the possibilities don't end there. It’s such a versatile knot that only your imagination limits you.

So pick up some gorgeous GANXXET Macrame Cord and see what you can make. It’s time to get crafting!

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