macrame for beginners

Macrame For Beginners: What You Need To Know To Get Started

Are you looking for a fun and creative new hobby? Consider macrame! It's a great way to express your creativity and craft unique projects. To help you start your knotting journey, let's dive into all the essentials about macrame for beginners.

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What Is Macrame?

macrame for beginners

Macrame is a type of textile craft that involves knotting threads or cords together in patterns. This art form dates back to 13th century Arabia, but it really came into its own during the 1970s when it became a popular trend in the United States.

While macrame may look complex and intimidating, it's relatively easy to pick up. With some basic supplies and a few simple knots, you can create a number of handcrafted projects.

Macrame For Beginners: Supplies

To get started with macrame, you'll need:

That's it! You don't need a lot of supplies to start macrame-ing.

4 Initial Knots To Master

To make stunning macrame projects, you must master a few basic knots. Here are four simple ones that will form the foundation of your creations.

Square Knot

The Square Knot is one of the most commonly used macrame knots and one of the easiest to master.

To tie it, cross your cords like an X. Take the left side over the center two cords, then under the right side. Take the right side over the center two cords, then under the left side. Pull it tight, and you have your Square Knot!

It sounds way more confusing than it is, so watch this quick video tutorial to help you successfully conquer the Square Knot.

Gathering Knot

Also known as a Wrap Knot, the Gathering Knot is the perfect way to secure several cords together in a decorative manner. You'll often see this one at the top of plant hangers.

To make the Gathering Knot, loop your cord around the middle of your bundle of cords. Then, wrap the end around everything several times, creating a spiral effect. Tuck the end through a loop and pull it tight to finish. Once it’s secure, you can cut off the extra tails.

This video shows you how to tie six different knots. Skip to chapter six to see how to tie a Gathering Knot.

Half-Hitch Knot

The Half-Hitch Knot is a type of overhand knot that's perfect for adding texture to your projects. To tie it, loop the macrame cord around itself and pull the end through the loop. Then, pull down to tighten the knot.

By itself, this knot comes undone easily. But it becomes very secure if you tie multiple Half-Hitch Knots in succession.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on this knot:

Source: Helpful DIY

Lark's Head Knot

Before you can start working your cord, you must secure it to your dowel, stick, or ring. The Lark’s Head Knot is the perfect option for this step.

To tie it, fold your cord in half. Then, place the middle part of the cord on one side of your dowel and the loose ends on the other. Bring the ends through the loop in the middle and pull tight to secure.

Macrame For Beginners: 7 Projects

Once you’ve learned how to tie the four knots above, you’re ready to start making your own macrame creations. Here are seven simple macrame projects you can try.


A macrame bracelet is a great place to start. These knotted bracelets look great, and you can customize the colors to match any wardrobe.

Select a macrame cord that’s the thickness you prefer. A thinner one will look more delicate, while a thicker one will be chunkier. The GANXXET 4mm Cotton Cord is a good option because it's not too thick or too thin.

Cut two cords to 40 inches in length. This will give you a 7-inch bracelet. Then, begin tying Square Knots. Repeat until you get almost to the bottom, then finish by tying the two ends together.

Mini Wall Hanging

If you’d like to up your macrame game, try making a mini wall hanging. It’s still a relatively simple project, but it will look impressive when it’s finished. You can display this colorful rainbow wall hanging in your home or give it away as a gift.

For this chunky project, you’ll need four different colors of our 5mm Cotton Rope. The video below has great step-by-step directions for you to follow.

Source: Macrame for Beginners


With a bit of macrame cord, you can turn a plain headband into a fashion statement. This headband tutorial calls for a Diagonal Clove Hitch Knot, a variation of the Half-Hitch. Instead of tying the knots in a straight line, you do them diagonally.

See how to tie a Diagonal Clove Hitch Knot in this video:

Source: Elsie Goodwin

Now that you have that variation down, it’s time to create your own headband. Here’s the video tutorial:

Plant Hanger

Hang your plants in style with a simple macrame plant hanger.

Customizing patterns is a way to expand your macrame skills, so after you make this project as directed in the tutorial, try mixing it up a bit. Add a Gathering Knot at the top or use Square Knots instead of Half-Hitch ones. The sky's the limit to what you create!

Source: DIY Nerd

Book Holder

Have you ever considered hanging your books or magazines on the wall for display? This simple macrame book holder makes it possible!

You’ll need 480 inches of our Zero Waste Cotton Rope 5mm to make one of your own. With so many color options, you will surely find one that matches your home’s decor.


Don’t let your drinks damage your wooden surfaces. Protect them in style with these adorable heart-shaped coasters.

The fringe around the edge adds a fun touch. And you can use a Macrame Cord Fringe Brush to help comb out your cord.

Each coaster consists of 10 rows of Square Knots. So, it’s a small, quick project you can knock out when you have some spare time.

Watch the tutorial here:

Yoga Strap

Need a stylish way to carry around your yoga mat? Make a yoga strap out of our 3mm Cotton Rope and a couple of wooden rings.

This project lets you practice all four basic knots mentioned above. And practice is the key to macrame success.

Watch this video tutorial to see how to combine the four knots into a beautiful yoga strap.

Get Started With Macrame Today!

This macrame for beginners guide equipped you with the basic skills needed to create beautiful macrame pieces with your own hands. So, grab some macrame supplies from GANXXET and let your creativity shine.

Happy crafting!

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