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20 Easy And Fun Macrame DIY Projects

Have you been looking for some interesting macrame DIY projects to try? Well, look no further! From practical handbags to holiday decorations, you’ll find plenty of project ideas here to help you hone your macrame skills and create something eye-catching.

We link to an easy-to-follow video tutorial for each suggestion, so even if you’re a macrame beginner, you can craft something amazing. But before diving into the list, let’s look at some macrame basics.

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Macrame Basics

macrame DIY

Macrame is a craft technique that uses knots to create decorative and functional pieces. It’s similar to knitting and crocheting, but you use your fingers instead of tools to work your yarn.

Essential Knots

Before you can turn your macrame cord into something extraordinary, you’ll need to master a few basic macrame knots. Here are the ones we recommend learning first:

  • Square Knot: The Square Knot is one of the most commonly used macrame knots. It has four loops, and it forms an “X” shape.
  • Lark’s Head Knot: With this single-looped knot, you can easily attach your macrame cord to an object, such as a dowel or ring.
Source: Simply Inspired
  • Half-Hitch: This overhand knot wraps around a single cord to create a loop. By changing the direction of the knot, you can create various macrame patterns.
  • Gathering Knot: If you need to tie several macrame cords together, the Gathering Knot is a great option. It uses a single cord to wrap around the others.
Source: Gray Wonders

Tools And Supplies

Once you understand the basic macrame knots, it’s time to get some supplies. You don’t need much to create beautiful pieces, just some macrame cord, scissors, and something to start your project on, like a dowel, stick, or ring. A fringe brush can also come in handy.

Macrame cord comes in different sizes, so check out the GANXXET selection to find the perfect one for your project.

Also, note that some projects below may require additional supplies. For example, you’ll need metal carabiners for the camera strap and clasps for the necklace. Watch the tutorials for supplies lists to make sure you have everything you need.

20 Macrame DIY Projects

Home with macrame DIY projects

Now that you have your supplies, it’s time for the fun part! Here’s our selection of macrame DIY projects to help you take your knotting skills to the next level.

1) Mini Wall Hanging

A macrame wall hanging adds texture and color to your home. But large ones can be intimidating for new crafters. That’s why we suggest starting with a mini version.

Source: made by hand

2) Bookmark

If you’re looking for a quick macrame project, a bookmark is a perfect choice. It comes together quickly, which means you can make more than one in a single sitting.

Source: Hamilton Public Library

3) Yoga Strap

Embedded IG:

Make it easy to carry your yoga mat to and from your yoga class with this simple DIY strap. Our 3mm macrame cord works great for this project, and since it comes in so many fabulous colors, you’re sure to find one you like.

4) Handbag

Need a fun way to carry essential supplies to the beach this summer? This chunky handbag might be exactly what you need.

5) Feathers

Put your fringe brush to work with these macrame feathers. They're a fun way to add a chic boho vibe to your home.

And while you can use any cord, the GANXXET Dual Recycled Cotton Macrame Cord makes pretty cool-looking feathers!

Source: Lots of Knots Canada

6) Fall Pumpkins

Decorate your home for the harvest with these cute macrame pumpkins. Mix and match some orange and white for a more traditional look, or use shades of mustard and cranberry for something more unique.

7) Christmas Decorations

Welcome the holiday season with macrame snowflakes, gnomes, and ornaments. Hang them on a tree, use them to decorate your mantle, or wrap some up and give them away as a gift.

This video tutorial has 10 different Christmas projects, giving you plenty to do on those cold winter nights.

Source: Macrame School

8) Plant Hanger

Bring life and color into your home with macrame plant hangers. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re also easy to make. This means you can switch things up and create something new whenever the mood strikes.

Source: Rubies Handmade

9) Necklace

Wearable macrame? Yes, please! You can wrap a beautiful gemstone with macrame knots and turn it into a one-of-a-kind necklace.

Source: Macrame School

10) Placemats

Set your table in style with these macrame placemats. They’re an easy way to add a unique touch to your tablescape. Plus, you can make them in many colors to go with your decor.

11) Pillow Covering

Give your couch an instant makeover with macrame pillow covers. They’ll add both texture and color to your living room.

Source: Macrame Lady

12) Bracelet

Wear macrame around your wrist with this simple bracelet. It’s a great way to add a pop of color and a touch of boho to your outfit.

Source: GratiaProject

13) Camera Strap

You don’t want to risk dropping your camera, and macrame is an easy way to make sure it stays securely in place.

Source: Macrame Magic Knots

14) Headband

Keep your hair out of your face with this macrame headband. It's a quick and easy way to add macrame to your wardrobe.

15) Trivet

Don’t let a hot pan burn your table and leave an ugly mark. Instead, use macrame to make a trivet. It’s an easy way to protect your surfaces.

Source: Studio Ekru

16) Keychain

Create a macrame keychain to keep your keys organized. These also make great stocking stuffers or small gifts, so go ahead and make several. They don't take that long to knock out! Plus, they’re a great way to use up cord scraps from other projects.

Source: The Holm Family

17) Macrame Earrings

Use colorful GANXXET Cotton Balls to create macrame earrings that’ll add a statement piece to your accessories.

Source: ChaCha & Chicky

18) Fruit Hammock

Out-of-sight fruit isn't good. It can wind up forgotten and moldy. With this macrame fruit hammock, you can keep your produce visible and easily accessible.

Source: Marching North

19) Mirror Wall Hanging

Tired of the plain, boring mirror on your wall? Turn it into a masterpiece with a bit of braided cord and some knots.

Source: Globe Studio One

20) Coaster

From heart-shaped coasters for Valentine’s Day to simple spirals, macrame coasters are an easy way to make your table looks chic while preventing water marks on your wood surfaces.

Macrame DIY For The Win!

Macrame DIY For The Win!

There you have it — 20 macrame DIY projects that you can make using basic knots and supplies. Macrame really is the perfect way to get creative and bring life into your home. So what are you waiting for? Grab your GANXXET cord and start crafting!

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