cord for macrame earrings

How To Make Macrame Earrings: A Step-By-Step Guide

There’s nothing like a new pair of earrings to spruce up your look for the season. And it’s even better if you can make them yourself in the perfect color! Try your hand at DIY with our step-by-step guide on how to make a pair of boho-chic macrame earrings.

What is macrame, you ask? If you’ve never tried it, you’re in for a treat. Macrame is a textile craft that’s even simpler than knitting because you don’t need special needles, only your hands. Let’s dive in!

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Tools And Supplies For Macrame Earrings

cord for macrame earrings

To make a pair of macrame earrings, you’re going to need some supplies:

  • Earring Hoops (Any Size)
  • Earring Hooks
  • GANXXET Cotton 2mm Macrame Cord
  • Super Glue
  • Measuring Tape
  • Fabric Stiffener
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Macrame Cord Fringe Brush

Knots To Know For Macrame Earrings

The first knot you need to know to make a pair of fringy hoop earrings is the Lark’s Head Knot, and the second is the Double Half-Hitch Knot. Take a little bit of your macrame cord to brush up on your skills if it’s been a while or if you’re new to the craft.

You can review these two knots in the video below:

Lark’s Head Knot

You’re going to use the Lark’s Head Knot a number of times on each of your earrings. But don’t worry; it’s a pretty simple knot.

Fold your cord in half and slip the folded end over and behind the earring hoop. Then, put the two tails of the macrame cord through the loop and pull. Be sure not to twist the two loose ends of the cord.

Double Half-Hitch Knot

Now let’s review the Double Half-Hitch Knot. With this knot, you’ll basically make two consecutive Half-Hitch Knots. It works well because it’s much stronger than the single knot.

Take the two tails of your Lark’s Head Knot and cross the right side horizontally over the left, making an “x”. Put the second end of the cord through the “x” and pull tight. Repeat this a second time. Straighten the knot so that it sits perfectly.

When you do this horizontally across a sequence of Lark’s Head Knots, there will be one main cord or “filler cord” that will be tied with each of the other cords in order right to left (or left to right as you choose). The filler cord will be the outside cord on either side.

Step-By-Step: Making A Pair Of Macrame Earrings

Now that you know how to tie the knots, it’s time to make your macrame earrings!

Set Out Your Supplies

When you start, it’s best to have a clear surface where you can lay out all of your supplies. This way, everything is at arm’s reach, and you don’t have to get up to find something while you’re making your macrame earrings.

Choose And Prep Your Yarn

Choose a color and then cut 12 10-inch pieces of macrame cord. Allocate six pieces of cord per earring.

Attach Yarn To Earring

To attach the yarn to the earring, you might want to use a piece of Scotch tape to affix the earring to a surface so it doesn’t move around as you work.

Now, using each piece of cord one at a time, tie a Lark’s Head Knot and pull tight.

Each Lark’s Head Knot should have even tails except for the last one on each earring (number six). For this one, its outside tail should be about 1.5 inches longer than the inside tail. All of the next knots will be tied around this “filler” cord.

You should have six Lark’s Head Knots on each earring. And the knots should be clustered together and centered, covering the lower half of the hoop.

Knot The Yarn

Now that you’ve attached the yarn, you should have 6 Lark’s Head Knots with twelve tails on each earring. Number them in your head from left to right, with the furthest one on the right being the long tail.

Cord twelve will be your filler cord, and it should be long enough to stretch to the left horizontally across all of the other Lark’s Head Knots. Now, cross cord 12 over cord 11 making an “x”. Put cord 11 through the “x” and pull tight. Repeat.

Next, cross cord 12 over cord 10 and make a Double Half-Hitch knot. Continue sequentially until cord one. When you’re done, cord 12 will be sticking out to the left. Cut it as close to knot one as possible and glue it with super glue, flattening the ends down. You don’t want it coming undone!

Do the exact same thing on the other earring.

Trim And Comb

You want to find the shortest cord and cut the rest to be the same length. Then, use your fabric brush to unravel your cords into single strings. You can further cut and shape the cord to your desired length.

Before moving on, lay one earring over the other to make sure they match.

Stiffen Yarn

As a final step, you may want to use fabric stiffening spray so that the threads stay in place.

Voila! Your macrame earrings are ready to wear!

2 Easy Macrame Earring Patterns To Try

Now that you’ve got a few knots under your belt and a pair of one-of-a-kind macrame earrings, why not explore other easy patterns? You can never have too much jewelry!


The macrame feather earring is another popular and easy style to make. Like your fringe hoops, you’re going to start with a Lark’s Head Knot, this time over a jump ring affixed to an earring hook.

For this one, you’ll tie some Square Knots down the spine with shorter strings. Even when you’re following DIY videos, there are tons of different ways to make these your own. You can even add a bead to the bottom for a little texture boost!

Source: Rachel Colton


Another cute style for the season is the tassel earring. You’re going to have to master one new knot for this one: the Crown Knot. You’ll also need jump rings and earring hooks for this style, as well as some embroidery thread and a pair of jewelry pliers.

DIY Fun With Macrame Earrings

There are lots of easy styles to try when it comes to macrame earrings. All you have to do is choose an earring base and macrame cord in whatever colors you like.

As you get more confident with your knots, you can move on to trickier earring styles. Or you can dabble with different macrame crafts, like keychains and wall hangings.

When inspiration hits, be sure to have plenty of our cotton macrame cord from GANXXET on hand. With your creativity and our quality cord, there’s no limit to the stylish earrings you can make!

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