A Step-By-Step Guide To Making Macrame Dream Catchers

A Step-By-Step Guide To Making Macrame Dream Catchers

Legend has it that dream catchers can trap bad dreams. While we can't guarantee you'll only have pleasant dreams from here on out, creating your own macrame dream catcher is a great project. It’s a beautiful piece of art you can hang in your home, and it’s fun to make, too!

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Materials List For Macrame Dream Catchers

Materials For Macrame Dream Catchers

Macrame is a pretty simple type of art, which doesn't require a long list of supplies. Here’s what you'll need for your project:

Knots For Your Dream Catcher

Macrame is created by tying a series of knots. You’ll need to know four common macrame knots for this project. If you’re not sure how to tie one of them, you’ll find directions (and a link to a video) below.

Overhand Knot

The Overhand Knot is quick and simple. To tie it, you simply form a loop in your cord and pass the other end through it. Then, you pull each end tight to secure the knot.

Here’s a quick video tutorial:

Source: Get Knotted Paracord

Square Knot

Lots of different macrame projects require a Square Knot. And while reading a set of written directions makes this one sound complicated, it’s really not. If you can tie your shoes, you can tie a Square Knot.

To make it, bring the right cord over the left one. Then, you’ll cross the left cord over the right one and pull it through.

Next, get the right cord over the left one, and pass it through the loop to complete your knot.

How To Make A Simple Macrame Dream Catcher

Macrame Dream Catchers

When you’re comfortable with the knots above, you’re ready to start your macrame dream catcher.

1) Wrap The Hoop

First, you need to prepare your embroidery hoop. To know how much cord you’ll need, loosely measure around the circumference of your hoop with the measuring tape. Then, multiply that number by four. Measure that amount of cord and cut it off from the rest of your roll.

Next, use masking tape to secure one end of your cord to the hoop. Wrap the tape around a couple of times to make sure it won't be going anywhere. You can also use glue for this step if you prefer, though it can get a bit messy.

Once your cord is secure, start wrapping your cord around the hoop. Pass the extra cord through the opening of the hoop each time you make a pass to keep it from getting all tangled up. Keep going until you get all the way around.

This part of the project is the most tedious, so it helps to put on some favorite tunes while you wrap.

When you make it all the way around, adjust the cord and make sure it looks nice. Then, create a loop and pull the end through to make a simple knot to secure it. Cut off any remaining tail.

If you’re not quite sure how to wrap the cord, watch this video:

Source: SilentKnot

2) Tie The Interior Macrame

dreamcatcher catching the sunlight

Now that your hoop is ready, it’s time for the fun part of this project. You get to add macrame cords and tie knots to create the webbing portion of your dream catcher.

Attach a length of cord to your covered hoop and tie a Square Knot to secure it. Then, pull your long, working end a couple of inches over.

Use an Overhand Knot to attach it to the hoop, pulling the rest of the cord through. Continue around the hoop, using Overhand Knots to connect the cord several more times.

Eyeball the spacing and try to keep it even. For example, on a large ring, you might have three inches between each knot.

When you return to your starting Square Knot, it’s time to make your next webbing section. Pull the working end of the cord through the first flat section of the cord and pull it tight. You won’t be tying a knot, though. You’ll simply bring the cord through.

Then, move over to the next knot and repeat this process. Continue wrapping the cord around the previously tied knots. You’ll create a simple spider web effect as you work around and around.

When you reach the center, leave a small hole to give you the classic dream catcher design. Secure the cord with a simple knot and cut off any excess cord.

Legend has it this inner opening was where good dreams could pass through, so you’ll notice this space in many different designs.

This video shows the process if you’re looking for a visual:

Source: Linda Schiwall

3) Make Your Tail And Add Embellishments

Macrame dream catchers aren’t complete without the tail and embellishments. Since every dream catcher is unique, you can be creative at this stage.

Here are a few options to get you started:

  • Tie feathers into groups of two or three and add a bead to the top to hide your knot. Then, tie this to your hoop.
  • Create tassel-type elements by getting several strands of cord together and attaching them all at once to the hoop with an overhand knot.
  • Attach lengths of ribbon or lace to the hoop.
  • Create beaded patterns on the cord and attach it to the hoop.
  • Add fringe and brush it out with a Macrame Cord Fringe Brush.

Other Macrame Dream Catchers To Try

Congratulations, you just made a basic macrame dream catcher! Now it’s time to mix things up a bit and attempt something a little more challenging.

You can use your imagination to create your own or try one of the dream catchers below.

Double Circle Dream Catcher

This one utilizes a small wooden ring to create a second circle inside the hoop. Then, you use macrame knots to connect the two circles with a star-like pattern.

Source: Trini ID

Tree Of Life Dream Catcher

Create a work of art you can display in your home or give as a gift with this tree of life macrame dream catcher.

Source: Miss Knottie Macrame

Crossing Lines Dream Catcher

If you know how to tie a Double Half-Hitch Knot, you’ve got to try this dream catcher. The crossing lines are simple, but they look stunning.

Embedded YouTube: https://youtu.be/x4FAhVfUJDY
Source: My Macrame

Dream Catcher With Plant Hanger

Combine two popular macrame projects into one gorgeous piece of wall decor with this tutorial. It’s a dream catcher at the top and a plant hanger at the bottom. You can use real or fake plants, depending on your personal preference.

Source: Simply Sheetal

Mini Dream Catcher Keychain

When you order your macrame cord from GANXXET, add a metal keychain hoop to your cart as well. Then, you can make this cute little dreamcatcher. This would make a perfect stocking stuffer!

Source: Fine Arts and Craftsmanship

Say Goodbye To Bad Dreams

Macrame Dream Catchers

No matter your skill level, macrame dream catchers are a fun and beautiful project to do. So pick up some GANXXET Macrame Cord and get crafting. It comes in so many colors you can create a dream catcher that looks great in any room of your house.

Happy knotting!

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