How To Tie A Square Knot For Your Macrame Projects

How To Tie A Square Knot For Your Macrame Projects

If you’re a macrame newbie, you've probably noticed that many projects require you to tie a Square Knot. Don’t worry! We’re here to walk you through the process and help you learn. And once you get some practice, you'll be tying Square Knots for macrame like a pro.

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What Is A Square Knot?

A Square Knot is a type of binding knot used to join two pieces of cord or rope. In macrame, you can use this knot to create decorative patterns or attach beads or objects to the working cords.

You can modify this basic knot in different ways to form more intricate designs. You can also combine it with other knots for even more visual variety. Once you master the Square Knot, you’ll be able to create some gorgeous projects!

Uses For A Square Knot

While Square Knots are common in macrame, there are other uses for this ancient knot as well. It’s known as the Reef Knot because people have used it for centuries for sailing and tying down sailboats.

It also helps secure cargo, lashes poles together, and even makes pretty jewelry. As you can see, Square Knots are incredibly versatile, making them an important knot to learn.

Supplies For Tying A Square Knot

You don’t need much when learning to tie a Square Knot for macrame. Once you gather two pieces of cord or rope and a pair of scissors, you'll be set.

If you're looking for a quality macrame cord, give our Macrame Cotton Rope Zero Waste 3 Ply a try. It's designed to show precision and definition in the knots, so you'll easily be able to examine your knot and see if you tied it correctly. And if you didn’t, you can quickly untie it and try again.

How To Tie A Square Knot

Once you've gathered your supplies, it's time to start practicing! If you're a visual learner, here's a short video so you can see what’s happening with each cord.

Here's a written guide to help you master the Square Knot for macrame projects:

  1. Cut your two cords to roughly the same length.
  2. Fold the cords in half and put them near each other so you have four strands to work with.
  3. Pull the outer left cord (OL) over to the right.
  4. Place the outer right cord (OR) over the OL one.
  5. Put the OR strand behind the two inner ones and pull it through the loop made by the OL cord.
  6. Tighten everything by pulling on both outer cords. This is the first half of the Square Knot.
  7. Mirror steps 3-6 above to complete the knot. Start by pulling the OR cord over to the left.
  8. Place the OL cord over the OR one.
  9. Put the OL cord behind the two inner strands and pull it through the loop made by the OR piece.
  10. 10. Pull your knot tight.
  11. 11. Celebrate — you tied a Square Knot!

Of course, you may not get it right on your first try. If something goes wrong, simply untie your cords and try again.

Once you get the hang of it, try to tie two or three Square Knots in a row. Look at the visual pattern it makes on the cord. By alternating which side you start with, you'll create a knot pattern that looks like interlocking squares.

You’ll notice the tying gets easier over time. Pretty soon, your hands will commit the steps to muscle memory, and you won’t even have to stop to think about what to do next. That’s when your macrame knotting becomes easier!

How To Vary Your Square Knot For Macrame

Remember, Square Knots can be modified for different effects. For example, the Caged Solomon Bar, Secret River Bar, Wave Knot, and Switch Knot are all variations of the Square Knot.

This video shows you how to create each one:

Source: Gray Wonders

You can also try experimenting with different cords and colors to create unique Square Knot designs. The sky really is the limit when it comes to macrame, so let your imagination be your guide.

What To Create With Square Knots

Cord for making square knot macrame

Now that you know how to tie a Square Knot, let's look at some beginning macrame projects you can try.

Plant Hanger

Source: MaCREme by Cre

This Square Knot plant hanger can make a beautiful statement piece in your living room. It’s also an easy project for beginners since it relies on a series of alternating Square Knots.

In addition to the GANXXET cord, you’ll also want a wooden ring to use at the top of your hanger. Then, use the Gathering Knot to connect your cords to the ring before you start tying Square Knots.


Pick up some GANXXET Soft Cotton Rope Zero Waste 4mm - 1 Single Strand rope and give jewelry making a try.

This simple bracelet is made by tying a series of Square Knots. As you tie them, tighten the knots frequently so you don’t have any weird gaps in your creation.

When you reach the end of your cords, finish the bracelet with a final knot and try it on for size.

Coaster Set

Source: A Pretty Fix

These Square Knot coasters protect your tables and furniture from liquid stains. They have such a fun, Boho look to them, and since they only use a series of alternating Square Knots, they’re a great homemade gift that beginners can tackle.

You'll want to use a single-strand cord for this project, so check out the GANXXET Macrame Cotton Cord Zero Waste Single Strand 4 mm.

Once you make a coaster, you can mix it up to try different shapes. For example, this heart-shaped coaster is perfect for Valentine’s Day! To give the edges a soft, fringed look, pick up a Macrame Cord Fringe Brush.

Here’s the tutorial for this project:

Simple Macrame Bookmark

Source: Hamilton Public Library

This square knot bookmark is an easy project for a total beginner, making it an excellent last-minute gift for a bookworm in your life!

In addition to some 3mm Cotton Cord, you'll want a wooden ring and a couple of wooden beads for accents.

Once you've cut your cords and tied them to the loop, begin tying square knots using the same technique described above. As you go along, check to make sure your knots are tight.

Finish off the square knot bookmark by combing out the tassels at the bottom.

Square Knots And Macrame: Together Forever

Square knots and macrame go together like peanut butter and jelly. Once you learn how to tie this kind of knot, the possibilities for what you can make are endless.

So start practicing it until you can tie a Square Knot without thinking. Then, you'll be ready to use some GANXXET Macrame Cord to create any number of projects! From plant hangers to bookmarks, you'll have plenty of ideas to keep you busy.

Good luck, and happy knotting!

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