How To Single Crochet: A Guide For Beginners

How To Single Crochet: A Guide For Beginners

Have you ever admired the intricate patterns of a crocheted blanket or been amazed by the delicate weave of a crocheted scarf? The single crochet stitch is at the heart of these handmade items.

Simple yet versatile, single crochet is the foundation of many crocheted projects. It’s an essential skill for any beginner to learn.

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What Is Single Crochet?

single crochet


Single crochet is a basic stitch that involves looping yarn over a hook and pulling it through to create a tight, dense fabric that doesn’t have holes. It’s often used as the base for more complex stitches and can be worked in rows or rounds.

Single crochet is known for its simple yet sturdy design. It’s the foundation of many crochet patterns, from quick dishcloths to intricate amigurumi toys.

A single crochet stitch is typically shown as SC when working on a pattern. The symbols “X” or “+” represent this stitch on crochet charts.

However, the abbreviations and symbols for crocheting might differ depending on your location. The ones above are what you’d find in the United States.

Materials For Crochet

To crochet, you’ll need the following supplies:

These items will help you create beautiful, handmade creations using the single crochet stitch.

How To Hold The Hook

Before you crochet, you must learn how to hold the hook. Two common methods are the knife grip and the pencil grip.

  • Knife or overhand grip: Hold the crochet hook like a butter knife. The hook shaft will be underneath your palm while you’re holding it.
  • Pencil or underhand grip: Hold the crochet hook like a pencil. You’ll notice the hook shaft rests above your hand in this position.

Typically, crocheters have a personal preference for these holds. One of them will naturally feel more comfortable. So try them both and see which one feels better.

However, please note that neither grip may feel right at first. You’re learning a new skill and will move your fingers in a way they might not be used to. Keep practicing – your grip will become easier as you develop muscle memory.

How To Single Crochet For Beginners

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Once you’ve gathered your supplies and figured out how to hold your hook and yarn, it’s time to start single crocheting.

Casting On

Before you can work stitches, you’ve got to create your foundation chain. To do this, tie a Slip-Knot:

  • Make a loop with your yarn, with a 4-inch tail on the short side.
  • Reach through the loop and grab the long end of the yarn, pulling it toward you through the original loop about 2 inches.
  • Place this new loop onto your crochet hook and pull on the short end of the yarn to tighten it a bit.

Next, you’ll follow these steps to make chain stitches from this Slip-Knot.

  • Hold the crochet hook in your dominant hand.
  • Yarn over: wrap it around your hook from back to front.
  • Pull the yarn through the loop on your hook. This creates one chain stitch.

After completing the first chain stitch, you’ll have two loops on your hook. One is your original loop, and the other is the chain stitch you just made.

Repeat these steps until you have the desired number of stitches for your project. If you’re just practicing, try making 10-12 stitches. You can always increase it later once you get the hang of it.

Working The First Row

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Now that your foundation chain is ready, it’s time to start your first row of single crochet stitches. Here’s how:

  • Insert your hook into the second loop on your hook (the first chain stitch you made).
  • Yarn over and pull the loop on your hook, creating two loops.
  • Yarn over again and pull through both of these loops. You’re left with one loop on your hook, completing a single crochet stitch.

You’ll repeat these steps until you reach the end of the row. The last stitch is easy to miss, so pay close attention when you get to that point.


After reaching the end of the row, you’ll need to turn your work before adding the next one. This may sound confusing at first, but it’s a simple process.

First, chain one stitch. Then, turn your work clockwise. You’ll see the backside of the row you just made.

Then, make a single crochet stitch into the first stitch on the hook. Repeat until you get to the end of the row once again.

Adding More Rows

Now, it’s time to keep practicing and add more rows. For each one, remember to add a chain stitch and turn. Then, single crochet stitch until you reach the end.

Once you’ve completed several rows of stitches, take a moment to admire your work. You did it!

Simple Patterns To Try With Single Crochet

single crochet project


Now that you know how to single crochet, it’s time to put your new skill to use and create some simple projects.

Here are five easy things to crochet as a beginner:


Washing your dishes is more fun when you use a dishcloth you made yourself. Pick yarn colors that coordinate with your kitchen decor, and follow this video tutorial to make one:

Embedded YouTube:
Source: The Crafty Yarn Barn


Stay warm this winter with a cozy, handmade scarf. This one uses the single crochet stitch.

Source: Tech Angel


Whether you’re welcoming a new baby or just need a new throw for your couch, single crochet is perfect for making blankets. Check out this tutorial to learn how:

Embedded YouTube:
Source: The Reclaimed Heirloom


Pull your hair back in style with this cute crocheted headband.

Source: Freelee The BananaGirl


Protect your furniture with these cute single crochet coasters. Follow this tutorial to make your own:

Source: The Crochet Architect

Tips For Perfecting Your Single Crochet Techniques

Here are some tips to help you improve your techniques and take your crochet projects to the next level.

  • Use quality yarn. The type and quality of yarn can significantly affect the outcome of your project. The Cotton Yarn from GANXXET is an excellent choice for beginners.
  • Use the right hook. If your hook is too big for your yarn, you’ll wind up with loose stitches and gaps in your creation. One that’s too small will leave you with tight stitches that are hard to work with.
  • Practice makes perfect. Your crochet may not be beautiful at first, and that’s OK. Don’t give up. Keep trying, and you’ll get better over time.
  • Watch tutorials: Watching tutorials on platforms like YouTube can be extremely helpful if you're a visual learner.
  • Pay attention to your tension. Keep your tension consistent throughout your project to make sure all stitches are the same size. This gives your finished piece a polished, professional look.

Crochet Like A Pro With GANXXET

yarn for a single crochet


As you continue to hone your crochet skills, remember that GANXXET is here to support you every stitch of the way. Whether you’re working on your very first single crochet stitch or you’ve been crocheting for years, you’ll love how our high-quality yarns make your projects truly shine!

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