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Crochet Supplies: A List Of Essential Items For Beginners

Are you ready to dive into the world of crochet? That’s fantastic! You’ll be creating your own beautiful, handmade items in no time. First, you’ll want to gather the crochet supplies you need to get started.

But what exactly do you need to crochet? Is it just a hook and some yarn? Or are other supplies required?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to discover which tools and materials you must have to begin crocheting and which you can buy later.

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Must-Have Crochet Supplies

crochet supplies

Ready for some good news about this new hobby you’re pursuing? You won’t have to shell out much cash to get started.

You only need three things to start: crochet hooks, yarn, and scissors. Let’s look at each one in more detail.

A Crochet Hook

Knitters use two needles to create their fabric, but crocheters only need one tool: a crochet hook. You’ll use this tool to make all of your loops and stitches.

Crochet hooks come in different sizes, denoted by letters and numbers. The smallest standard crochet hook in the United States is a B-1, which is 2.25 mm. The largest common size is T/X, which measures 30 mm.

With so many sizes available, which one should you choose?

It depends on your yarn. For example, this Combed Cotton Cone 2 mm yarn works with crochet hooks G-K. But you'll need a larger hook if you go with a bulkier yarn, like this Mini Lima Wool - Bulky Peruvian Wool.

Many beginning crocheters choose to purchase a set of crochet hooks. These typically include several sizes, allowing you to work with various yarns. Then you can decide which ones you like best.

But if you only want to buy one hook, you’ll need to pick out your yarn first and see which size crochet hook the manufacturer recommends. Otherwise, you could end up with one too large or too small, and your projects won’t turn out right.


crochet supplies

Speaking of yarn, that’s the second essential component of our crochet supplies list. Yarn comes in many different materials, colors, and weights.

At GANXXET, we offer almost every type of yarn you can imagine, from the simple combed cotton string to our delicate Raffia Paper yarn made from 100% recycled paper with cellulose.

However, you might initially feel overwhelmed since we have so many options. To help you narrow your choices, here are a few tips for picking your first crocheting yarn:

  • Start with a solid color. Multi-colored yarns are beautiful, but they’re hard on your eyes. For simplicity, pick a single-colored skein for now.
  • Go with a color you like. You’ll spend a lot of time staring at your yarn and counting your loops. If you hate the color, you’re more likely to quit.
  • Pick something inexpensive. As a beginner, you will make mistakes. It makes sense to pick an inexpensive yarn to practice on to save money. Our basic Cotton Yarn is a great choice, as is our Beirut Yarn, made from recycled acrylic and polyester.
  • Select a medium-weight yarn. Yarn has a “weight” that has nothing to do with how much it weighs. Instead, it refers to the thickness of the strand. Go with a medium weight to start.

Finally, when picking a yarn, remember these guidelines are just for beginners. It's best to stick to simple yarns when you’re still trying to figure out how to crochet. Once you get comfortable, you can experiment more and find your personal favorites.


You won’t use an entire skein of yarn on your first project. This means you’ll need to cut it at some point.

Sharp scissors leave a clean cut that’s less likely to unravel. If you don’t already have a pair of scissors dedicated to crafting, you might want to pick one up. Look for scissors that fit your hand well and are comfortable to hold.

Crochet Supplies To Pick Up Next

With a hook, yarn, and scissors, you have what you need to complete quick and easy projects. But once you start working with more complicated patterns, you may want to invest in these additional accessories to help you out.

A Yarn Needle

If you need to weave in your yarn to prevent it from unraveling or sew multiple pieces together, you’ll want a yarn needle. This needle has a broader eye to accommodate yarn. In addition, it’s not sharp like a sewing needle; it’s blunt-tipped.

Stitch Markers

Stitch Markers - crochet supplies

When working on smaller projects, you can likely manage everything in your head. If you aren’t dealing with color or stitch changes, crocheting without stitch markers is easy enough. But at some point, you may start forgetting when to do these things.

That’s when stitch markers come in handy. They slip onto your yarn to help you remember things. For example, they can show you the right side of the piece or indicate where you last decreased your rows.

Stitch markers are made from metal or plastic. Some are small rings, while others are shaped more like a safety pin. There's no right or wrong style since they’re just for marking stitches. Try different ones to see which you prefer.

A Digital Row Counter

When crocheting a large project, such as an afghan, it’s easy to lose count of how many rows you’ve completed. Of course, you can start at the beginning and recount, but that gets old quickly.

Pick up a digital row counter to keep track of where you are. You wear it on your finger and click the button each time you finish a row. Then you can tell at a glance which number you’re on.

Additional Crochet Supplies To Consider

Person crocheting

By now, you’ve built a pretty nice inventory of crochet supplies. And while you have everything you need, these extras can make your crocheting even more enjoyable.

Here’s a quick list for your reference:

  • Row gauge to make sure your rows are the same size
  • Tape measure to check your gauge and measure your finished pieces
  • Crochet organizer to store your supplies in
  • Yarn storage solutions such as baskets, shelves, or crates
  • Ball winder to help you stay organized
  • Stitch dictionary to learn more about each type of stitch
  • Project tags for gifting your amazing pieces
  • Tunisian crochet hooks to try something a little different

What To Crochet

Once you gather your supplies, what should you crochet? Put your yarn and hooks to work with one of these simple projects.

Heart-Shaped Bookmarks

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a handcrafted heart-shaped bookmark.

Simple Scarf

Simple Scarf

This pattern is a one-row repeat, which makes it easy to get into the groove.

Source: Hooked by Robin

Quick Scrunchie

Turn a plain rubber band into a scrunchie that’ll hold your hair back in style.

Source: Yarnybox

Easy Dishcloth

Create one of these dishcloths for yourself, or knock out a few to give away.

Source: Amanda Crochets

Iconic Granny Square

This basic crochet block is on many crocheters' must-make list.

Source: Bella Coco

Start Your Crochet Journey Today!

Woman starting her crochet journey

With a list of essential crochet supplies and a few beginner-friendly projects to start with, it’s time to embark on your new creative journey. So pick up a few skeins of yarn from GANXXET, grab your crochet hooks, and start stitching away. You can crochet!

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