Heart Shaped Bookmark for Valentine's Day

Heart Shaped Bookmark for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is not just a celebration with your girlfriends, it's all about declaring love and affection to the girls who make up our support system!

So, if you are planning on having a good time with your friends or just want to give something special to the women in your life, we have here a very simple and perfect gift for you to make! This romantic crochet bookmark was designed by the talented Lauren Falenski from Hoops and Hooks exclusively for GANXXET. Even if you just know the basics, the pattern is really easy to follow and the video makes all the steps even more understandable.

Gift it with a cook book for your mom or your favorite novel for your best friend, it is the perfect complement to make any book related gift more personal and special. 

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Find the complete video tutorial below.





Ganxxet Lambswool Deluxe yarn

Ganxxet Soft Cotton Cord 4 mm Single Strand in Marshmallow color

Ganxxet Linen Flame Golden Single Strand

Crochet Hook 7 mm




Double crochet: Dc ; yarn over x1

Treble crochet: tr ; yarn over x 2




1. Magic Circle

2. Chain 3 

3. Tr 3 times into circle

4. Double crochet 3 times into circle

5. Chain 1

6. Tr crochet into circle

7. Chain 1

8. Double crochet 3 times into circle

9. Tr crochet 3 times into circle. 

10. Chain 2

11. Slip stitch into circle

12. Pull magic circle tight

13. Secure two strands with a knot



1. Wrap yarn 2x around desired length book

2. Cut yarn at bottom of book

3. Brush out to fray cotton yarn

4. Pull yarn through small hole in heart

5. Use linen flame to secure the tassel

6. Brush out again and cut to desired length  

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