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8 Fun And Easy Macrame Projects For Beginners

You've been practicing a few basic macrame knots and are slowly gaining confidence in your skills. But you still aren’t ready to tackle anything too complicated. You need macrame projects that are easy but still look amazing.

Well, you're in luck! We've found a selection of macrame projects that are perfect for beginners. They only require a few simple macrame knots and basic materials, making them perfect for those new to the craft.

So, grab your macrame supplies and get ready to create something beautiful!

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What Is Macrame?

Woman working on macrame projects

Macrame is an ancient craft dating back to the 13th century. It involves knotting cords or strings together in patterns to create decorative items, such as plant hangers and wall hangings.

You don’t need fancy tools or special needles to create macrame projects. With a quality cord from GANXXET, and the ability to tie a few basic knots, you'll be able to create one of these fun patterns.

Knots You Need To Know

While you can use dozens of knots for macrame projects, you don’t need to learn them all right away. These five knots are good ones to practice since they’re frequently used in beginning macrame patterns:

  • Square Knot
  • Lark's Head Knot
  • Double Half Hitch Knot
  • Crown Knot
  • Wrapping or Gathering Knot

If you need a quick refresher on any of them, use these short video tutorials:

Square Knot

Lark's Head Knot

Source: The Crochet Crowd

Double Half Hitch Knot

Source: Marching North

Crown Knot

Source: Marching North

Wrapping Or Gathering Knot

Source: Moss Points North

Tools And Supplies You Need For Macrame

Once you have your knots down, it's time to gather some basic macrame supplies. You'll need:

Each project may require a few additional supplies, but the ones above are the macrame basics that work for any number of patterns.

Now, let's get to some of our favorite macrame projects for beginners!

8 Fun Macrame Projects To Start With

1) A Bracelet

Knotting your own jewelry? Yes, please! This simple bracelet requires only a Square Knot. And you can mix it up by using thicker or thinner cords or changing the color.

In addition to the supplies above, you'll need:

The dowel is for holding your bracelet securely while you work. You’ll snap it into a clipboard to help it stay in place. Otherwise, you risk your knots twisting when you don’t want them to.

You'll find complete directions for tying a bracelet here.

2) Coasters

Need to protect your furniture from cold drinks or hot mugs? Make yourself some beautiful macrame coasters.

In addition to the supplies above, you'll need:

Choosing a cord with two colors, like the one above, gives you a striking effect when you tie it with the Double Half Hitch Knot.

Here’s a video tutorial for making some simple round coasters.

Source: Rikiniki DIY

And if you’re ready to try a project with two different knots in it, try making these heart-shaped macrame coasters.

3) A Yoga Strap

Carry your yoga mat in style with this macrame yoga strap. This project uses three knots: the Diagonal Half Hitch, the Square Knot, and the Wrapping or Gathering Knot.

With so many different knots, it’s a bit more complex than some other patterns here. But the video tutorial takes you step-by-step to help you succeed.

In addition to the supplies above, you'll need:

Ready to get started? Here’s the tutorial:

4) Plant Hangers

Woman hanging one of her macrame project

Hang your plants in style with one of these simple yet attractive macrame plant hangers. This one uses the Wrapping or Gathering Knot to start and then a series of Square Knots.

But, once you learn the basics, you can mix and match different knots to create a unique hanger for your home.

In addition to the supplies above, you'll need:

Here’s a video tutorial to help you create a Square Knot plant hanger when you’re ready:

Source: Rubies Handmade

5) Wall Hangers

Spruce up a wall in your home with one of these macrame wall hangers. The mini one in the video tutorial below is perfect for beginners since it’s compact and only uses three knots.

But once you have some more experience, try your hand at a larger project. You can use different types of cords and knots to create a macrame wall hanging that's truly one of a kind.

In addition to the supplies above, you'll need:

Here’s the tutorial to walk you through the creation:

Source: made by hand

6) Holiday Decorations

"There's no place like home for the holidays..." especially if you make macrame decorations to give it a cozy feel.

This candy cane macrame ornament is the perfect project for beginners. Use white and red cords for a classic peppermint, or spruce it up a bit with any two colors of your choice.

In addition to the supplies above, you'll need:

And don’t limit yourself to candy canes! You can create decorations for any holiday or season, including these cute fall pumpkins.

7) A Handbag

Looking for a new handbag for carrying some essentials? This lightweight, airy one is perfect for warm summer days.

In addition to the supplies above, you'll need:

Once you have everything, watch this tutorial for step-by-step directions:

8) Macrame Feathers

Have you seen any of these gorgeous macrame feathers yet? They're a staple in wall hangings and add a boho chic vibe to any space.

Cut your cord to different lengths to experiment with the size of your finished feathers. Create several of them, and you’ll have a wall-hanging fit for a macrame queen.

In addition to the supplies above, you'll need:

Ready? Watch this tutorial to learn how to make your first macrame feather:

Source: ARTSY North East

Practicing Your Macrame Skills

Practicing skills for macrame projects

Macrame is a fun and easy way to practice tying knots. And with so many different macrame projects to choose from, you can find one perfect for your skill level.

So pick up some GANXXET macrame cord and the other supplies you need. Then, try to create one of the projects above. Have fun!

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