Macrame kit

Macrame Kit: What You Need To Get Started

A simple macrame kit can ensure you have all the necessary supplies whenever inspiration strikes. Whether you’re making an elaborate wall hanging or a plain-Jane bookmark, your kit should have everything you need to get started.

We'll dive into the contents of your kit in a moment, but first, let's decide if you should compile your own or purchase an already existing macrame kit.

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What’s A Macrame Kit?

macrame kit


As mentioned above, a macrame kit is simply a collection of the supplies and materials you need for your macrame projects. Depending on the complexity of your design, you'll need different items, but we’ll get into that shortly.

You can make a kit and customize it to meet your needs, or you can purchase one that’s already assembled. To help you decide, let’s look at the benefits of each.

Reasons To Create Your Own Macrame Kit

While there are macrame kits you can buy, assembling your own gives you control over the materials and supplies you use.

You can assemble a basic macrame kit with just the essential supplies. Or, if you want to throw in plenty of extras, like embellishments and different sizes and colors of cord, that’s an option, too. You get to decide what to include!

Here are other reasons to make a macrame kit:

  • It helps you stay organized: A kit gives you a home for all of your supplies so you don’t have to worry about searching for them when you’re in the mood to macrame.
  • It makes a great gift: Know someone interested in macrame? A kit is a perfect gift to help them get started.
  • It can be portable: If you travel frequently, you can make your kit small enough to take along.
  • It can include high-quality material: By making your own kit, you can select the best supplies (like macrame cord from GANXXET) to help your projects turn out fabulous.
  • You can make project-specific kits: Been making a lot of plant hangers? You'll want to add plenty of S-hooks or other hooks to your kit. Working on wall art? Be sure to include enough different-sized dowels and a variety of cords to knot. By tailoring your kit with a specific project in mind, you'll always have what you need.

    Reasons To Buy A Ready-Made Macrame Kit

    If putting together a macrame kit sounds like too much work, don’t worry. It’s not your only option. You can choose to purchase a kit that’s already compiled and ready to use.

    Here are some benefits of doing so:

    • It’s already assembled: Time is a precious resource. It’s much faster to buy a kit that’s ready to use than to try to make your own.
    • There’s an end product in mind: You can make just about anything with your customized kit. But when you have tons of options, picking one can be challenging. Ready-to-go kits can help eliminate decision fatigue since companies compile them with a specific product in mind.
    • You don’t have to worry about getting the “wrong” supplies: If you’re buying supplies on your own, it’s easy to accidentally order the wrong size cord. Ready-made kits have what you need, so you don’t have to worry about that.
    • It’s easy to contain: You may go overboard when making a macrame kit and wind up with an overwhelming amount of crafting materials. By selecting an assembled kit, you won’t have as much excess to deal with later.
    • It’s ready for gifting: Presentation matters, especially if you’re giving someone a gift. Most companies package their macrame kits nicely so they’re ready to give someone. While you can take time to make your kit look beautiful, it requires extra time and effort.

    There are compelling reasons for both making and buying a kit. Either way, you’ll have what you need to create some eye-catching projects!

    Basics To Include In Your Macrame Kit

    If you decide to make your own kit, let’s talk about everything you should put in it. We’ll start with the basics and then move on to some extras you could include.

    A Handy Container

    macrame kit in a basket


    No kit is complete without a handy container to keep everything together. You can repurpose a container you already have or purchase something new.

    Here are a few suggestions:

    • Cardboard or plastic box
    • Old-fashioned picnic basket (check at thrift shops!)
    • Suitcase or duffel bag
    • Small toolbox with compartments
    • Wicker or woven basket
    • Laundry hamper
    • Repurposed dresser or plastic drawer unit
    • Rolling cart

    At first, a smaller container will likely suffice. But as your macrame supply collection grows, you may need to upsize to something larger.

    Different Sizes Of Macrame Cord

    macrame kit


    Cord is an essential component of your macrame kit — it’s what you tie knots into to create your project. Since macrame cord comes in different sizes and colors, you’ll want to include a variety in your kit so you have options when it’s time to create.

    The GANXXET Curated Bundles are a great way to stock up on macrame supplies at a discount. And the Curated Mystery Box is an even better deal. You can get $150 worth of fiber for only $99!

    You won’t know exactly what’s inside with either option until your order arrives. But if you enjoy surprises, it’s a lot of fun.

    But if you prefer to know what you’re getting, it might be better to pick each cord individually. Then you can select the size and color you want.

    Here are some versatile options to start with:

    • Cotton string: If you plan to make any jewelry or other delicate pieces, you’ll need some thin macrame string.
    • Dual macrame cord: Two colors in one cord? Yes, please! There are so many colors to choose from, and at 4mm, it’s the perfect size for many different projects.
    • Chunky macrame cord: This soft cotton macrame cord is available in 6 or 8mm, both excellent choices for adding texture to your creations.
    • 3-ply macrame rope: Your wall hangings and plant hangers will look fabulous with this eco-friendly macrame rope.
    • Braided cord: Woven braided cord works great for bags, purses, rugs, and other practical items. It’s sturdy and holds up well.

    No matter which cords you start with, make sure they’re compatible with the end product you want to make.

    For example, if you’re trying to make a rustic plant holder, cotton string likely won’t give you the results you’re going for. It’s simply too thin. Instead, you’d want something chunkier.

    If you’re not sure what the difference is between string, cord, and rope, read this post. It’ll help you navigate the types of fibers used in macrame.

      Something To Start On

      You need to secure your projects while working on them. Sometimes, you’ll want something permanent to stay with your project when you finish. Wall hangings and plant hangers often have something at the top for hanging them up.

      Other times, you need something removable. For example, you don’t want a large hoop left at one end when making a bracelet. In this instance, a clipboard would work well.

      Here are a few specifics you can add to your kit:

      • Clipboard
      • S-hooks
      • Metal or wooden hoops
      • Dowels
      • Sticks

      Then, whenever you’re ready to create, you can select the foundation piece you need and get to work.

        A Measuring Tape

        Most macrame instructions start by telling you how long you need to cut each piece of cord. A simple measuring tape lets you measure twice and cut once.

        Sharp Scissors

        woman cutting macrame cord


        Macrame cord can be pretty thick. You need a way to cut it cleanly without fraying. To accomplish this, a pair of sharp scissors is a necessity.

        Ideally, you’ll leave the scissors in your kit and only use them on your cord. They'll quickly become dull if you start cutting other things with them.

        Scrap Cord For Practicing Knots

        When first learning to macrame, you may struggle to tie the different knots. Keeping a few scrap cord pieces in your kit allows you to practice without messing up your work in progress.

        It can also be helpful to include either links to knot-tying videos or written and illustrated instructions for a few knots. This video shares how to make six common knots, so it’s a good one to refer to:

        Extras To Put In Your Macrame Kit

        With the above supplies, you’ll have everything you need to get started with macrame. But if you want to take your pieces up a notch, here are some extras you can add to your kit.

        A Fringe Brush

        If your projects have fringe at the bottom or around the edges, you’ll want a way to comb it out. This action creates a light and airy effect that looks great. The GANXXET Macrame Cord Fringe Brush has stainless steel bristles that work magic on the cord.

        Stiffening Spray

        When you’re making feathers, leaves, or anything else you don't want to move much, give it a quick blast with some fabric stiffening spray.

        A Rotary Cutter

        When cutting one strand at a time, scissors are your best option. But if you’re cutting through multiple cords at once, a rotary cutter works a little better. Just be sure to put it on a safe surface, so you don’t slice up your table.


        Embellishments for macrame


        Beads, shells, feathers…there is no limit to the extra details you can add to your creations. So get creative and tuck a few embellishments into your container.

        A Macrame Book

        If you’re a macrame newbie or gifting this kit to someone who is, consider adding a macrame book. Here are a handful of our favorites:

        • Macrame: Techniques and Projects for the Complete Beginner by Sian Hamilton
        • How to Macrame: The Essential Guide to Macrame Knots and Techniques by Dorothy Wood
        • Macrame: The Craft of Creative Knotting for Your Home by Fanny Zedenius
        • The Year of Knots: Modern Projects, Inspiration, and Creative Reinvention by Windy Chien
        • Macrame Pattern Book: Includes Over 70 Knots and Small Repeat Patterns Plus Projects by Marchen Art Studio

        Including a book lets you (or the recipient) flip through the pages for inspiration. It’s also a good way to include offline instructions, making the kit more usable when you’re traveling and may not have a strong internet signal.

          What To Macrame With Your Kit

          Once you’ve fully stocked your kit, it’s time to get creative. Here are a few simple macrame projects to try:

          After you get the hang of macrame, you can try your hand at even larger creations, like baskets or elaborate wall hangings. Start experimenting with your fibers to see what you can make.

          What To Look For In Ready-Made Macrame Kits

          Macramé bag


          There’s something special about creating a one-of-a-kind macrame kit. But as mentioned above, there’s nothing wrong with buying one that’s ready-made.

          If you prefer to go this route, our Chunky Macrame Handbag DIY Kit comes with the supplies you need to make a chic bag. It’s ideal for all of your summer adventures. And since you can choose from over 20 great colors, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your taste.

          In addition to the macrame cord, you’ll also get step-by-step video instructions. These walk you through every knot required, so even macrame beginners can successfully create a bag.

          But no matter which specific kit you purchase, take time to answer the following questions so you know exactly what to look for.

          What Will You Be Making?

          When putting together a macrame kit, you can stock it with supplies to make various things. But that’s not usually how ready-made kits are. Instead, they include the things you need to craft a specific project. For example, you could buy a mini wall hanging kit or a bracelet macrame kit.

          If you’re just starting, pick a beginner-friendly kit. Otherwise, it may be too hard, which can leave you feeling discouraged and ready to quit.

          Once you narrow down your options, look at the products made by each and decide which one you like best. When you like what you’re making, chances are higher that you’ll finish it even if it gets complicated.

          How Big Is The Finished Piece?

          Sometimes, pictures can be deceiving, especially when you’re shopping online.

          For instance, based on the images on the box, you might think you’re making a large wall hanging. Then, when it arrives, you might be shocked to realize that it’s a miniature one.

          To avoid this discrepancy, always check for product dimensions so you know what you’re getting and can choose the perfect place to display it.

          What Materials Are Included?

          What’s inside your kit? Does it come with all the embellishments you need to finish the piece completely? Or is it just the macrame cord?

          If you need to purchase anything else, make a note of it. That way, you’ll have everything on hand when you’re ready to start crafting.

          You’ll also want to see how much you’ll get of each item. Typically, kits come with enough materials to craft one finished product. However, some kits have more. Either way works; you just want to know what to expect.

          Note: Macrame tools usually aren’t included in these kits, so you’ll likely need to pick up a measuring tape and scissors.

          Are Instructions Included?

          One benefit of ready-made kits is that they often come with instructions. This helps ensure your piece will turn out correctly. It’ll also save you time since you won’t have to guess what you need to do next.

          Some companies provide written directions, while others include links to videos to follow along with. To access these instructions, you may need to scan a QR code, enter a link in your browser, or click through an email. If you don’t get directions, ask the company for them.

          What Do Other Buyers Say?

          Once a specific kit catches your eye, read some reviews. Knowing what other buyers thought of the kit can help you decide if it’s a good fit for you.

          See if you can find pictures of what other crafters made from the materials. Does it look like the product image? If it does, that’s a good sign that the instructions are clear and easy to follow.

          Make Macrame Simple

          macrame kit in a basket


          Whether you’re creating your own macrame kit or picking up a ready-made one, you’ll have everything you need to start creating something incredible. And crafting is a lot more enjoyable when you have all your tools and supplies in one spot.

          So load up a container with some GANXXET macrame cord, scissors, and your other supplies, or order a Chunky Macrame Handbag DIY Kit and start knotting!

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