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Knitting Vs. Crochet: What's The Difference?

If you like creating things with yarn, knitting or crocheting might be a fun new hobby. While both handcrafts share similarities, they aren't the same. Let’s look at them in more detail to help you decide between knitting vs. crocheting.

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What Is Knitting?

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Knitting is a handcraft using knitting needles and yarn to create different projects. With knitting, you form stitches by looping the yarn over and around the needles.

The loops created in this craft form rows visible on both sides of the fabric, and a knitted item appears to be made of small loops of yarn and V-shaped stitches.

What Is Crotchet?

Crochet is another craft that utilizes yarn to create things, but instead of a pair of needles, it requires a single crochet hook. As you make loops, you attach them directly into one chain. This creates a secure knot that holds the stitches in place.

Crochet appears to be interlocking chains and tiny knots. The stitches look different on each side, with one side having a patterned look, while the other has bumps along the edge.

Knitting Vs. Crochet: Differences

The two crafts may look similar, but as we mentioned briefly above, knitting and crochet have different techniques and outcomes. Here are the key differences.


Since knitting uses two different needles, it requires two hands and the ability to manipulate two needles simultaneously. Also, these needles don't have a hook on the end to catch the yarn. That means you may drop a lot of stitches, especially as a beginner.

Crochet only requires one hand and one hook, making it easier to learn. In addition, the hook keeps your stitches in place, so even beginners can see results quickly.


As we mentioned, knitting requires special knitting needles. These come in different sizes depending on the project and yarn you use. But you may also need additional tools, such as stitch markers, knitting or cable needles, and scissors.

On the other hand, crochet requires a crochet hook. These come in multiple sizes as well, so check to see which one you need for the projects you want to tackle.

Stitch Formation

When knitting, you form stitches by wrapping the yarn over and around a knitting needle. If you accidentally drop a stitch, you can unravel the entire project.

When crocheting, you form stitches by looping the yarn around and through your hook. This creates a more secure stitch that is less likely to come undone if dropped.

Final Product

Once you get the hang of knitting, you can create smooth pieces of knitted fabric. You’ll often recognize knitted items due to their soft texture and structure.

Knitting works well for creating garments (such as sweaters or mittens), accessories (like a scarf), or even stuffed animals.

Crochet, on the other hand, is best known for its textured look due to the intricate chains and knots that are formed along the way. It's not as flexible as a knitted piece since the knots prevent the fabric from stretching.

Common crocheted items include toys, bookmarks, home accessories, and shawls.

Knitting Vs. Crochet: Similarities

Despite their differences, knitting and crochet have a few similarities. Both knitting and crochet use yarn to make projects, although the type of yarn used will vary per project.

They also require patience and fine motor skills, especially in the beginning. As a result, you may not get the results you want right away, but as you continue to practice and hone your knitting or crochet skills, you'll be able to create beautiful pieces.

Both knitting and crocheting are good contenders if you like to keep your hands busy while watching TV or riding in the car. And you can easily store your projects in a bag and work on them from anywhere.

Additionally, either hobby can help you relax and create something special. So whether you go for knitting or crocheting, you'll be able to make all kinds of things!

Other Similar Crafts

Knitting vs. crochet is one of many choices if you're looking for a new craft to try. Here are a few other alternatives with similar characteristics.


When you create macrame projects, you use your hands to tie knots in rope, yarn, or twine. This is an excellent craft for making wall art, plant hangers, and more.


You can create intricate designs on fabric with the right needle and some embroidery thread. This needlepoint craft is great for decorating pillows and adding personalized messages to clothing.


Weaving is done on a loom and allows you to create patterns with yarn or fabric. You can use this craft to make scarves, blankets, rugs, and more.

Cross Stitch

A cross stitch is a type of embroidery you can use to make images on fabric. It's created by making tiny, x-shaped stitches out of thread. The result? A beautiful piece of art!


tatting design

Tatting involves using a shuttle to create knots and loops that form lacy designs. It's frequently used to make jewelry, coasters, and other small accessories.

Since there's only one stitch used in this old-fashioned craft, it's a great option for beginners.

Basic Tools And Supplies For Knitting And Crochet

You can get started knitting or crocheting by picking up a few simple tools and quality yarn, like the Combed Cotton from GANXXET.

Here's a look at some beginning supplies for each craft.

Supplies For Both

No matter which craft you choose, you'll need some basic materials. These include:

  • Sharp scissors
  • A measuring tape
  • Yarn (Remember that we have a massive selection at GANXXET, so you can find the perfect thread for any project.)

Knitting Supplies

To knit your first project, you need a pair of knitting needles to work your yarn. Needles come in different sizes, so it can take time to decide which one to start with. Consider the type of knitting project you’re making, and then check the pattern to see what size needle you need.

As far as needle material goes, bamboo needles often work best for beginners. The wood creates friction that helps keep your loops from falling off the needle. Though the metal needles tend to be cheaper, you may lose more stitches if you start with them.

Crochet Supplies

Crochet Supplies

For crochet, you'll need a crochet hook to create loops. When choosing a hook, again, pay attention to the size. Most hooks are marked with a number that indicates their size. The bigger the number, the bigger the hook (and vice versa).

You'll want to check your pattern for the proper size, but if you pick up a hook set, you’ll be sure to have what you need on hand.

Regarding materials, aluminum hooks are a popular choice for beginners. That’s because aluminum helps create smooth stitches and doesn't cause too much strain on your hands.

Yarn, Needles, And Hooks, Oh My!

No matter which of these crafts you choose, a bit of yarn and time can transform into something special. So take what you've learned about knitting vs. crochet and decide which one you want to try first. Then, pick up the supplies you need to get started.

Check out the fantastic array of yarn from GANXXET to get the perfect spool for your project. You may end up with a knitting or crocheting addiction. It could be the start of something beautiful!

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