Winter Weaving

Winter Weaving Inspiration

That chill in the air has got us craving some coziness. One way to inject some extra warmth into your home this season is with weaving! Not only will it warm up cold hands, but textured homeware can help create a snug and comfortable atmosphere. Here are a couple of our top picks for Winter weaving inspiration! 

Rug Weaving Inspiration

The last thing anybody wants in the Winter is chilly toes!  Handwoven rugs are the perfect way to keep your feet warm. Rugs are a great make for experimenting with weaving inspiration because they can be as simple or as complex as you want to make them! 

For a successful, hard wearing rug, you’ll need to work with a robust material. Our cotton air cord is ideal for rugs because it is a braided cord, which means it is reinforced with several strands, providing additional strength as it gets trodden on! If your weaving inspiration is rooted in neutral palettes, we have the rustic color cotton air made from 100% natural linen for an added texture to your rug. The chocolate color cotton air is a rich, luscious shade of brown that will also hide any spillages! Or perhaps you find weaving inspiration in bright, bold colors like this teal cotton air

Hand Woven Cushions and Pillows

We feel the same way about pillows as we do about blankets, you can never have too many! Whether you keep extra cushions on your bed or you like to pile them up on the sofa, cushions are the top of our Winter weaving inspiration. 

Our paper cord gives a great texture to any weaving and is super lightweight so ideal for pillows and cushions. It’s made with three twisted strands of our eco-friendly washi yarn, giving it a bulky texture perfect for long-lasting homeware pieces. For a monochrome patterned cushion, why not try the black, grey and beige paper cord? Or for a bolder addition to your upholstery we also have the red paper cord.

One of the best places for Winter weaving inspiration is Pinterest. We love discovering new ideas and seeing your creations made with our products too. 

Shop our full selection online via the Weaving Collection to bring your Winter weaving inspiration to life!

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