3 Single strand soft cotton cord

Green and Yellow Macrame Cord

When it comes to crafting, we love block colors, and we also love pairing up different color combinations in a make. Green and yellow macrame cord are basically best friends, they work in every season, and they’re a really versatile palette to work with. Whether you’re looking for bold splashes of color or subtle pastel shades, there will be green and yellow macrame cord options for you. 

Our color collection is always growing and our soft cotton cord range is bursting with options. Here’s a couple of our most popular green and yellow macrame cord. 

Mistletoe Soft Cotton Cord

Given the time of year, the first green and yellow macrame cord we want to mention is our mistletoe green cord. It’s perfect for the festive season if you wish to match your Christmas tree and wreaths, but it also works year-round to add some warmth to your makes. This green macrame cord is made from recycled cotton, using offcuts and waste from the garment industry. 

It’s super soft on your fingers when you’re knotting and it brushes out nicely into fringe! The color is natural enough to imitate real foliage so it would look stunning knotted and brushed into leaves.

Single Strand Soft Cotton Cord in Yellow Ocher Color

If you prefer bright and bold green and yellow macrame cord, this yellow ocher cotton cord will be right up your street! It’s such a rich yellow color it will help add great depth to your macrame project. The reviews so far have been amazing, our customers have commented how high quality the cord is and what a beautiful color, even better in real life! It’s like pure sunshine, which is the best kind of yellow macrame cord

Mojito Green Colored Cotton Cord

Our mojito green cotton cord is such a fun, tropical color! It’s not an overpowering or distracting color, but it’s still bright and playful. This kind of shade is ideal in a green and yellow macrame cord pairing because it stands out against other ropes in your piece. 

Soft Cotton Cord in Cactus Green

Green and yellow macrame cord doesn‘t necessarily mean bright colored makes. We love a pastel combination, and the cactus green soft cotton cord is a lovely, subtle shade.  This green macrame cord looks super cute for plant hangers, as it will blend right in with the foliage for an earthy, natural vibe. 

Check out the full recycled cotton cord collection to see all our available colors!