Discover Our Latest 3 Ply Macrame 3mm Cord

Discover Our Latest 3 Ply Macrame 3mm Cord

You asked, and we listened! Our customers were interested in seeing an additional size option in our cotton cord collection so we introduced the macrame 3mm cord in our 3 ply range. Ideal for both macrame and weaving, we look at what is different about this particular size cord.

What Is Special about This Macrame 3mm Cord? 

The beauty of the macrame 3mm cord is in its versatility. Previously, your option in the cotton cord collection would have been the bestselling  5mm cotton rope and our smallest in the 3 ply collection, the 2mm cotton cord. Having the new macrame 3mm cord option gives you the best of both worlds! 

It’s still fine enough to give you the precision and detail you want from a smaller cord, but robust enough for crafting plant hangers and other makes that require a little more strength. It’s also entirely eco-friendly, made from 100% recycled cotton. 

Macrame Inspiration for Using This 3 Ply Cord

This macrame 3mm cord looks great as an individual strand or doubled up to create a thicker layer when you’re working with several strings. This means you can use it in smaller, more detailed projects or on a large craft project! And this cotton cord is not just for macrame — it looks great when added to some smaller sections in your weaving.

It’s extremely strong, so if you’re working on a macrame piece that will need to bear significant weight this 3mm cord is ideal. Your knots will feel secure without feeling too bulky. This lends itself well to plant hangers and large wall hangings!

This rope is structured and will hold its shape well, so if you want to experiment with lots of detailed knots, this will help showcase your hard work beautifully.

Our Favorite Colors in the Collection

We have over 20 colors in the macrame 3mm cord range so we’re spoilt for choice with which to pick! We do have a soft spot for the pastel shades in the range, like the 3mm sherbert color cord. The subtle pink hues add a splash of color to your makes but without being too distracting, letting the texture do the talking. Pastel tones are a great way to liven up a classic boho style macrame without deviating too much from a neutral color palette. We also love the 3mm azure blue color cord, which has a warmth you don’t generally expect to find in blue hues. It would look gorgeous in a nautical-themed make!

How to Tell If Macrame 3mm Cord Is Right for You

If you’re still not sure if the macrame 3mm cord is the right material for your project, you’re in luck! We sell sample sizes of this range so you can experiment with small amounts before committing to the 100m spools! The macrame 3mm cord samples come in all colors and measure 1.8m. This makes them the ideal size for crafters who work on smaller projects too, like accessories and jewelry. 

Shop the latest macrame 3mm cord with our full range of colors and don’t forget to tag us in photos of your creations!