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10 Easy Macrame Basket Patterns For Beginners

A beautiful macrame basket is a true fusion of form and function. At its most basic, a basket is just storage — a bin to hold whatever you need to hold. But a basket can also spruce up your space, make a statement about your personal style, and connect you to crafting traditions.

In this article, we’ll showcase some of the best macrame basket projects to add functional beauty to different areas of your home using only beginner-friendly techniques and some basic supplies.

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What You’ll Need

starting macrame basket

You don’t need to be a macrame master for any of the projects on this list. Some of them can be completed using just one type of knot. And almost all of them should be doable with just a few basic knot techniques: the Square Knot, Lark’s Head Knot, Half-Hitch Knot, and Gathering Knot.

To get started tying knots, you’ll need some macrame cord. Macrame cord comes in a variety of sizes and types. The GANXXET selection includes just about any type of cord you could need in a wide range of beautiful colors.

Unlike knitting or crocheting, you won’t use needles or hooks to macrame, just your fingers. The only tool you really need to have handy is a good pair of scissors.

Some of the projects on this list require metal hoops you can get from a craft store, or you may want to use things like small vases as a form to build the basket around. Check out the supplies list for each project before you begin.

Decorative Macrame Baskets

1) Plant Hangers

There are lots of benefits to having plants in your living space, including improved air quality and a reduction in stress.

Macrame hanging plant hangers are a great way to get more greenery in your home when space is at a premium. Keeping your plants out of reach of pets and small children is another perk! Best of all, these planters can be put together in just five minutes each!

Source: WhatsUpMoms

2) Easter Basket

This macrame Easter basket will look great whether it’s used for your kids’ egg hunts and candy or it just serves as part of your seasonal decor.

We use our Soft Cotton Cord 4mm in Lilac and our Dual Recycled Cotton Macrame Cord 4mm in Lilac + Ocher.

Note: If you aren’t going to use the piece as a functional basket to be carried, you can leave off the strap.

3) Hanging Flat Basket

This project is great for decorating when you don’t have much wall space, although you could scale the concept up to make as big a statement as you want.

Fill this hanging flat basket with artificial flower buds or greenery, or find more functional uses, like putting one by the front door to hold the mail.

Source: GreysMade Macrame

Convenient Macrame Baskets

Need some ideas that are a little more functional? Macrame baskets are a great choice for stylishly storing knick-knacks. This next set of basket concepts can help you make the most out of your space and get organized at home or work.

4) Fruit And Vegetable Basket

Macrame hanging baskets for fruits and vegetables were common in the 60s and 70s, and when you see this tutorial, you’ll want to revive the trend right away.

These hanging produce baskets save space in your pantry and refrigerator and make beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables part of your kitchen decor. You can also personalize this design with different types of beads and other details.

Source: The Crafty bird

5) Coaster Basket

This simple, rectangular basket is a great choice for macrame newbies. You only need to know one type of knot for the whole project! It’s the perfect size for storing coasters or other small living room or family room items.

Source: uzelok 07

6) Bath Or Vanity Storage Basket

For many of us, it’s always challenging to keep areas like the bathroom counter, vanity, or dresser tidy.

This little round basket is great for storing items like brushes, combs, or perfume and lotion bottles. It will help you start or end your day in a better mood by keeping those troublesome areas tidy with a touch of style.

Watch the tutorial below and pick out a color you love from our selection of Cotton Rope Zero Waste 3 Ply - 3mm.

Source: Macrame Art Tutorial

7) Multipurpose Mini Basket

This mini basket has an adorable tassel and can be used for practically anything, anywhere. We think it might look especially good on your desk to help you stay organized and productive and bring a personal touch to your workspace.

Source: Craftrr

“On The Go” Macrame Baskets

We may be stretching the definition of “basket” here, but why should you have to stop enjoying the beauty of macrame when you leave your home? How about some macrame chic you can take with you?

8) Air Purse

This tutorial will show you how to make a macrame air purse using our Cotton Air Zero Waste Cord.

Summer will be here before you know it, and this macrame air purse is the perfect lightweight sunny day accessory. You can customize it by changing the handles to suit your style. Best of all, you only need to know one type of knot to complete it!

9) Chunky Handbag Kit

Our Chunky Macrame Handbag DIY Kit comes with everything you need to give a purse you already have some macrame style.

Chunky Handbag Kit

It includes step-by-step video instructions for all of the knots used and two bundles of our Braided Recycled Cotton Cord. You can pick your favorite colors for each bundle from our range of 23 different options.

10) Fringe Tote

Another great summer option, this DIY macrame fringed tote will look great at the beach or anywhere you go while you’re out and about enjoying the sunshine.

Master this fringe tote here:

Source: She’s apples

Build Your Basket Obsession With GANXXET

Macrame baskets are a great option whether you want to set one room apart, tie your whole home together with a style motif, or make a statement at work or play. But be warned! These simple projects could be the beginning of a macrame obsession.

Whether you’re just starting to explore the world of macrame or you’re an experienced maker planning your most elaborate macrame masterpiece, GANXXET has all the supplies you need. Check out our full range here.

Happy making!

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