Macrame Projects for Beginners

New Year, New Hobby! Easy Macrame Projects for Beginners

New Year’s resolutions don’t need to be about diets and exercise. Investing in yourself and learning a new skill can help you find enjoyment in new hobbies and can also benefit your mental health! Macrame is a great hobby to learn as you don’t need many tools. One of the best things about macrame projects for beginners is that if you go wrong you can simply undo your work! No wasted materials, you can undo your knots and start over if you make a mistake.

Experimenting is half the fun with macrame, so we’ve introduced a new macrame kit for beginners with three different fibers for you to play with! Learn which you enjoy using and what the difference is in some of our most popular cords. 

If you’re interested in learning how to make macrame knots, it’s a good idea to start with easy macrame projects for beginners. While many people discover macrame is easier than it looks, there are macrame projects that are better suited for beginners. For example, you might not want to start with a load-bearing macrame piece for a mirror or your favourite plant pot — just in case! Before you begin suspending precious breakables from the ceiling, why not experiment with some of these starter ideas.

Handmade Keychains

Keychains are a great way to learn macrame knots as they are small and manageable, no more than a handful at a time. These tassel and macrame keychains are a good suggestion for beginners looking for a starter project. As you discover how to learn macrame knots, they’ll also provide an excellent opportunity to start incorporating wooden beads into your makes! We wrote about the perks of making keychains in our blog on miniature macrame so check out that blog for tips on the cords we recommend for small macrame makes! 

Practice with Garlands and Bunting

Macrame garlands are an easy macrame project for beginners because they are repetitive. You can also make them as long or as short as you like! Repeating the same steps as you complete each section can help you settle into a rhythm, and gives you plenty of practice of how to learn macrame knots. 

Garlands look great on your mantelpiece, and as you build confidence, you can start to experiment with the complexity of your string pieces. We love this asymmetrical mantel garland and we’re big believers that garlands are not just for the holidays! They are a great way to add statement focal points to the walls around your house. Get the boho homeware look with our classic 2mm 3 ply cotton rope

Making Macrame Placemats

When looking for easy macrame projects for beginners, it’s wise to focus on an end product which will be flat. Three-dimensional pieces can be a little more confusing as you learn macrame knots, so pieces you can lay flat on a table can feel simpler. Placemats are a perfect projects for beginners, whether you start with drinks coasters or build up to a full dining set! 

Our natural linen cord is strong and hard-wearing, so great for a long-lasting placemat set you can use every day! The color is typical of a classic, boho macrame style so is versatile for use alongside any table decoration. If you prefer more of a statement style on your dining table, you might want to make your tableware with bursts of color like our orange natural linen instead!

We love to see your creations made with Ganxxet products. Shop online for the full macrame collection of fiber materials, and remember to tag us in pictures of your makes!

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