Ganxxet Sari Silks


Ethically Sourced And Luxurious Sari Silks

GANXXET recycled sari silks are perfect for crafting projects of all kinds, from weaving and macrame to crochet and knitting. Ethically sourced from India, these luxurious silks give dimension and texture to your work.

Bring a colorful array of beautiful sari silks to your next fiber art project!


Saris are the traditional, often brightly colored dresses most commonly worn by women in South Asia. They are usually accompanied by similarly colorful veils and wraps.

Recycled sari silks are colorful remnants of fabric from the sari-making process. Any extra fabric from the production of saris, wraps, and veils can be upcycled into crafting materials — both ribbons and rolls — perfect for a host of crafts projects.

These distinctive materials add a special layer to a project, giving that extra detail and attention.

GANXXET sari silks come from Indian factories that make traditional sari garments as well as wraps and veils. In the production process, there is always a bit left over.

Instead of throwing out the waste fiber, manufacturers collect the beautiful fabric so it can be reused for crafting materials, like ribbon yarn and rolls of printed and embellished fabric.

All of our sari silks are ethically sourced so you can feel good about using these unique materials in all of your projects.

Sari silks can add a beautiful pop of color to almost any crafting project. Try our sari silk ribbon for weaving projects, fiber art projects, macrame, knitting, crocheting, and even making jewelry. The stunning, eco-friendly ribbon can be used for nearly anything you can imagine!

Our sari silk chiffon rolls are also great for weaving projects, crafting fiber art, and crocheting. Like the sari silk ribbon, you can make countless other crafts using the colorful fabric — let your creativity be the guide!

Here are some popular projects you could make with recycled sari silk ribbons and rolls to get your wheels turning:

- Scarfs
- Handbags
- Coasters
- Jewelry
- Rugs
- Curtain Tie-Backs
- Dream Catchers
- Wall Hangings
- Plant Hanger
- Blankets
- Keychains
- Bookmarks
- Baskets
- Wraps

The amount of fabric depends on the type of sari silk you purchase:

Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon (single color)
- Length: 115 to 130 feet
- Width: Two to three centimeters

Recycled Sari Silk Frizz Ribbon Multicolor
- Length: 80 to 115 feet
- Width: Two to three centimeters

Recycled Sari Silk Chiffon Printed Roll
- Length: 65 to 130 feet
- Width: Seven to eight centimeters

Recycled Sari Silk Chiffon Embroidered Roll
- Length: 35 to 50 feet
- Width: Seven to eight centimeters

It should be noted that each recycled sari silk roll is unique. Any image on our site is only an example. When you purchase a roll, you will get a different (yet similarly beautiful) assortment of prints or embellishments.

Buying GANXXET sari silks means you’re getting ethically sourced materials of the highest quality. And our vast selection of colors will give you a broad range of choices when it comes to your creative vision.

Whether it’s our single-colored ribbon that’s hand dyed in small batches or our unique rolls of printed or embellished chiffon, GANXXET sari silks are undeniably special. That makes your project even more special, whether you’re making it for yourself or gifting it to a friend.

When you choose GANXXET, you get beautiful, quality fabric while making an eco-friendly choice in your crafting materials.