6 Reasons the Ganxxet Curated Mystery Box Unleashes Your Creativity

Struggling to find new and interesting supplies to use in your projects? Do you feel like creativity is being limited?

Our mystery box provides makers with a surprise selection of high-quality supplies that they may not have discovered on their own. This allows crafters to experiment with new textures, colors, and fibers, and to try out new techniques, inspiring their creativity and reigniting their passion for crafting.

Over 50,000 makers have used Ganxxet to unleash their creativity.

Here Are 6 Reasons You Should Too:

1. Unleash your creativity with new cords.

Do you ever find yourself in a crafting rut, using the same old cords and patterns? The Ganxxet Curated Mystery Box is here to shake things up! With a variety of new and exciting supplies in each box, you'll be able to unleash your creativity and create something truly unique. Plus, with our hand-picked selection of fibers, you can be sure that you're getting the best quality materials available.

Amazing colors, quantity and quality! Can’t go wrong and so inspired to create…I finished this piece the very next day. Gotta go, I’m feeling creative!

- Julie N.

2. Get inspired by hand-picked supplies.

Fibers are a vital part of macrame, knitting and crocheting, and can make all the difference in your finished project. With the Ganxxet Curated Mystery Box, you'll receive a selection of hand-picked fibers that will inspire and elevate your crafting. Each box is carefully curated to include supplies that help bring your vision to life.

I decided to take a leap of faith snd try a mystery box, and I’m so glad I did!! The selection is perfect!!! I couldn’t have picked better color’s myself!!

- Lori D.

3. Discover new favorites without commitment.

Trying new fibers and cords can be expensive, and it's not always easy to know what you'll love. That's where the Ganxxet Curated Mystery Box comes in. Each box is filled with surprises, giving you the opportunity to discover new favorites without any commitment. It's the perfect way to try new things and broaden your horizons without breaking the bank.

I absolutely love the Mystery box that I received. I mentioned in the notes that I liked neutrals. Maybe I got lucky- but my box was filled with a gorgeous neutral variety in various cord mm sizes! The 3mm Cotton Balls that I bought were also just perfect. Exactly what I was anticipating. Soft cotton cord, no awful smells, and beautiful to work with.

- Stacy L.

4. Save money with affordable prices.

Crafting can be an expensive hobby, but the Ganxxet Curated Mystery Box is an affordable way to keep your passion alive. Each box is filled with high-quality supplies at a price that won't break the bank.

This brought me joy! So soft and beautiful, not normally something I can afford. I am beyond happy to have this cord and start making knots!!!

- Heather H.

5. Enjoy free-shipping on every box.

At Ganxxet, we believe that great crafting supplies should be accessible to everyone. That's why we offer free shipping on every Ganxxet Curated Mystery Box. No matter where you are in the country, you can enjoy the excitement of a surprise box of fibers without worrying about shipping costs.

I ordered 2 mystery boxes and love all the colors, sizes, and fibers. I'm looking forward to starting on some projects with colors I might not have tried if I hadn't gone with the mystery box. I'm so happy with my purchase!

- Heather R.

6. Conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

Life can be busy, and sometimes it's hard to find the time to shop for new crafting supplies. With the Ganxxet Curated Mystery Box, you don't have to! Each box is conveniently delivered to your doorstep, so you can focus on what you love most – macrame, knitting and crocheting. It's the perfect way to keep your crafting supplies stocked and your creativity flowing.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to receive all that I did in the box. I’m impressed with the amount of items, quality, and variety! ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT!!

- Chelce P.

Real Makers. Real Stories.

Excellent choice!

I could not be more impressed with this collection. Its as if you gleaned the perfect color combinations straight out of my mother's head! I am very impressed with this mystery box.

- Aleisha D.

So soft

I finally splurged and wow the cords are beautiful muted colors and so soft. The mystery box is forcing me out of my cookie cutter creative box and I love it!

- Pam W.

Loved it!!

I kept pulling items out & thinking ‘oh my goodness, there’s MORE!’ The quality of the cord is exceptional. I think it’s definitely worth the cost.

- Molly G.

The perfect gift for both beginners and experienced crafters alike!

Order your Ganxxet Curated Mystery Box today and start exploring the world of macrame, knitting and crocheting in a whole new way. You'll never run out of supplies or inspiration.

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