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By working hand-in-hand and exclusively with our suppliers, GANXXET is able to produce unique and custom-sized cords with the best quality.

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Our fibers are imported from manufacturers in Europe. By sourcing directly from our suppliers, GANXXET is able to offer unbeatable prices.

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Give your friends $15 off their first order of $100+ and get $15 for each successful referral. It’s our way to say thanks for joining GANXXET and for buying consciously made fiber.

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This is the best bargain for high quality rope and the richest colors! Love the variety of color and size options available. Excellent quality rope, soft to work with. Will keep coming back for more and more!

Meagan L.

I couldn't be happier with the high-quality cords I purchased from Ganxxet. The texture is incredibly smooth, making them a joy to work with, and the quality is unmatched. I have tried other stores but the quality of cords I get from Ganxxet is far superior and consistent. Thank you Ganxxet for providing top-notch materials that have truly elevated my macrame experience!

Artizin S.

Beautiful cord, easy to work with. Will buy again & again! The quality is superb!! In this Bag I used: chestnut, mink, moon & cocoa

Erika H.

The best strong rope I've used. I love all the colors you have and my customers absolutely love all the plant hangers I make with it. Thank you for that!

Peggy M.

I am so pleased with the quality of this cord. I've ordered several colors and have been pleased with them all. I love that it is also zero waste. I will be switching exclusively to this brand of cord

Kacie G.

Amazing colors, quantity and quality! Can’t go wrong and so inspired to create…I finished this piece the very next day. Gotta go, I’m feeling creative!

Julie N.

This is the best cord to work with! Soft and beautiful. Can't wait to place another order!

Ashley G.

This is my go to cord for almost every project! Love the softness and color choices available 😍

Meagan R.

I use Ganxxet cord for all of my macrame work. It is great quality, vibrant and beautiful colors, soft and wonderful to work with. I also love their mission to up cycle cotton from the garment industry to reduce waste. 10/10, highly recommend!

Olivia S.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you’re looking for quality fibers for your handicrafts, you can’t beat GANXXET. Our colors are vibrant and our products are durable, making them ideal for any purpose. We think you’ll love how your projects turn out when you use GANXXET!

Macrame is a type of textile created by knotting individual strings or cords together. It’s an art form that’s been around for centuries and has recently made a comeback. You can use macrame to create various items, from wall hangings to plant hangers and even jewelry.

You don't need a lot of supplies to get started with macrame, just some cord and scissors.

GANXXET macrame cords are perfect for beginners and experienced crafters alike. We have a wide selection of colors, textures, and sizes to help you bring your projects to life.

Whether you need a thick cotton rope for a chunky wall hanging or a thin cotton string to make a delicate bracelet, we’ve got you covered.

GANXXET cords are also strong and durable so they won’t unravel or fray with wear and tear. And, best of all, our prices are affordable, making it easier than ever to achieve the perfect macrame piece! 

Knitting is a craft that uses two needles and yarn to create fabric by looping the yarn around the knitting needles in a pattern. 

When you knit, you take one strand of yarn and wrap it around one of the needles in either a knit stitch or purl stitch. This process is then repeated until the desired length of fabric is achieved. 

Knitting can be used to create garments, accessories, and other items, such as blankets or household goods.

Yarn is the most common material used for knitting. Different types of yarn can be used, depending on the project and the desired result.

Wool, combed cotton, linen, and bamboo blend yarns are some of the most popular materials used in knitting projects. Each type has different properties that will affect how it looks when knitted.

The great variety at GANXXET allows you to choose the best material for your project, whether you want something soft and light or thick and sturdy.

Crochet is a type of needlework similar to knitting. Like knitting, crochet is made up of many different types of stitches — some basic and some more complex — which you can mix and match to create your own unique item. 

However, unlike knitting, which uses two needles, crochet only requires one tool: the hook. You can crochet various items, including clothing, accessories, and even home décor.

Like knitting, the type of yarn you use will depend on the project and your desired results. Yarns such as raffia paper, cotton, and bamboo are all great options for crochet projects.

If you’re looking to create something more unique or luxurious, GANXXET also offers luxury fibers, like merino wool, alpaca, and vegan wool. You won’t believe how soft some of these options are!

Weaving is a method of fabric production in which two sets of threads are interlaced at right angles to form a fabric or cloth. 

The basic process involves alternating two sets of yarn (the "warp" threads and the "weft" threads) over and under each other in a repeating pattern on a loom.

When you weave, you'll need fibers that are strong and flexible. Common fibers used for weaving include wool, cotton, silk, and bamboo. Specialty fibers, such as raffia, hemp, or jute, can also be used.

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