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2020 Handmade Christmas Interior Trends

As we’re spending more time indoors this Holiday season, it’s a great time to spend crafting homemade homeware! There has been an increase in demand for adult crafts and activities, so why not put those new skills to use for Christmas decorations? There’s no end to the benefits of holiday crafting for mental health, so here’s some inspiration for some last-minute makes. 

Getting Back to Nature This Christmas 

The beauty of nature is the inspiration behind the biggest Christmas interior trend in 2020. Natural materials like tree branches and driftwood feature in some of our favorite macrame wall hangings. The contrast between a solid, rustic base and soft, intricate decoration can be a real statement piece. 

We always consider the benefits of holiday crafting for mental health, but it’s also important to consider the benefits to the planet too! Utilising natural materials in your crafts is a great way to make your projects more sustainable. We’re passionate about providing sustainable, responsible craft materials like our cotton cord which is entirely eco friendly. We have the recycled ribbon made from offcuts from the textiles industry so if you want to fully commit to natural, sustainable handmade homeware it’s the perfect pairing! 

Neutrals All the Way 

Following on from the nature-inspired interior trend, we also see a return to neutral tones this Christmas. As we move away from artificial materials, it seems we also move away from artificial colors too! Lots of people are embracing warm, neutral color palettes whether that’s on your tree or around the home. 

When you think of classic macrame, you think of the white, stone, and beige colors typically associated with boho macrame. Sometimes, the simplest materials are the best, especially for the benefits of holiday crafting for self care. Dialling back to neutrals is a nice way to strip back from distractions and just focus on the basics. Plus, the best thing about adorning your house in neutrals is you can leave them up long after Christmas!

Paper Decorations Are Back in Fashion

Handmade is all the rage, and papercrafts are seeing a resurgence as more people than ever have started crafting. Paper is increasing in popularity as another sustainable material that you can keep or recycle after the Holidays. Think big cut out snowflakes and window decorations. The benefits of holiday crafting to reduce anxiety are not limited to textile arts like macrame and weaving. Papercutting and origami are similar in that they are repetitive and can feel like meditation, much like macrame or weaving. 

If you’ve enjoyed working with paper before, you may want to incorporate our paper cord into your next macrame, knitting weaving or crochet project! This unique, recycled material is super strong but feels just like paper! It’s made from pulverised old fabric waste, so is an excellent use of what would ordinarily go to landfill. It is really versatile and adds an interesting texture to any make. Why not combine paper cord with paper decorations and make yourself some festive bunting?

The Season for Christmas Classics

One interesting shift we’re seeing in 2020 is a return to traditional, classic Christmas trends. It’s not uncommon that in a year of turmoil such as this, people crave ritual or normalcy. The return to the classic interior trends you’d expect to see at Christmas like reds, golds and greens and traditional trees and wreaths may be as a result of people’s desire to have a normal Christmas after such an extraordinary year. 

Incorporating these traditional elements into your projects might help boost the benefits of holiday crafting for mental health! Perhaps knitting with reds and gold or adding some Holiday colors and textures to your weavings will increase your festive spirit. Holiday-themed fibers make the perfect gift wrap, and you can encourage your loved ones to reuse the gift wrap in makes of their own too!

Check out our full collection of Holiday fibers and don’t forget to tag us in your makes! 

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