How To Make DIY Macrame Coasters: A Step-By-Step Tutorial

How To Make DIY Macrame Coasters: A Step-By-Step Tutorial

It’s fun to entertain, from picking the menu to setting the scene. If you’re ready to add an extra special touch to your table, get crafty with these DIY macrame coasters. Now all you need is a tall glass of sweet tea or a mug of your favorite dark roast!

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through how to create your very own coasters in a few easy steps.

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Tools And Supplies For Macrame Coasters

Supplies For Macrame Coasters

You’ll need a few basics when making your macrame coasters:

Knots You Need To Know

This is a great starter DIY project for a new macrame crafter because you only need to know two basic knots.

Below, we’ll walk through the steps of the Cow Hitch Knot (also called a Reverse Lark’s Head Knot) and the Double Half-Hitch Knot. Depending on what’s easier for you, either follow the written steps or watch our video here:

Cow Hitch Knot

First, fold your cord in half and slip the folded end under and behind the cord you’re affixing it to — for this project, you’ll be attaching the 30-inch cord to a loop made from the 60-inch cord (see below).

Then, put the two tails of the cord through the loop and pull. Take care to not twist the two loose ends of the cord.

Double Half-Hitch Knot

The next knot you’ll have to know is the Double Half-Hitch Knot. With this knot, you’ll basically be making two Half-Hitch Knots in a row. Doing it twice strengthens the knot.

Take one tail of your Cow Hitch Knot and cross the left side horizontally over the main cord, called a “filler cord.” It should look like the number four. Put the shorter cord through the loop and pull tight. Repeat this a second time. Straighten the knot so that it sits perfectly.

When you do this across a sequence of Cow Hitch Knots, there will be one main cord (or “filler cord”) tied with each of the other cords sequentially.

Source: Create With Jenn

Step-By-Step: Making Beautiful Macrame Coasters

Now, let’s put those knots to work! To make these macrame coasters, you just have to follow a few basic steps.

1) Set Out Your Supplies

Prepping your workstation is the first step in making macrame coasters. Gather the following materials and set them out neatly in front of you before you start. It’s important to have everything within arm’s reach.

Supplies For Macrame Coasters

2) Cut The Macrame Cords

Cut a 60-inch length of macrame cord. After that, cut five more lengths of cord at 30 inches each. This is all you have to prepare right now, but keep your macrame cord and scissors handy as you’ll be cutting more cords as you go.

That’s because with each circle of knots you complete you’ll add more cord. You won’t be able to anticipate the exact amount you’ll need at this point, so hold tight for now!

3) Create The Center Of The Coaster

To make the center of the coaster, start by looping one end of the 60-inch cord into a 3-inch circle. There should be a long end (the filler cord) and a short end.

Take your five 30-inch lengths of cord — one at a time — and tie a Cow Hitch Knot, affixing the knots to the two looped cords.

Pull the long end of the loop tight so all knots are close together in a tight circle, making the center of your coaster. Cut the short tail of the 60-inch length of cord and tuck it in the center of the coaster.

If you want to add a little glue to keep things sturdy, go ahead!

4) Tie Double Half-Hitch Knots

Pull the long filler cord to the right — over the next closest tail — and tie a Double Half-Hitch Knot.

Repeat with the next cord to the right of the filler cord, pulling the cord to the left like the number four and making another Double Half-Hitch Knot. Continue around the circle with the rest of the cords.

After the first round, you will see a gap. This makes sense because each loop around the circumference is getting larger, and you’ll need more cord.

5) Add More Cord At The Gaps

Cut a 26-inch cord and tie it to the long filler cord with a Cow Hitch Knot. Pull the knot tight to the center of the coaster.

Continue to tie Double Half-Hitch Knots around as you had in the previous step. At any gaps, cut an additional 26-inch cord and repeat until you get around the circle.

As you go around the circle the next time, you’ll want to add 22-inch cords to fill gaps. Each time you circle around, fill gaps with cords four inches shorter than the prior time.

6) Tie Off And Glue

When you are satisfied with the size of your coaster, tuck the loose end into the back. You can use a dot of glue to keep it down.

7) Brush And Trim

Now it’s time to refine your coaster. First, cut the cords to make a circle. Comb strands. Then cut again to the length you like. Once it’s done, grab a beverage and try it out!

3 More Styles Of Macrame Coasters

Once you’ve cut your coaster chops on your first design, it’s time to try some more. There are lots of variations of macrame coasters featuring different knots and techniques.

So grab your favorite color of GANXXET Macrame Cord and let’s go!

Boho Coaster

Source: A Pretty Fix

These cute coasters only require one new knot! You can use all the same supplies as the prior project, but you will also need a clothing rack, S hooks, and a dowel (you’ll be hanging it as you weave).

The Boho Coaster requires a Lark’s Head Knot to affix all of the cords to the dowel, and then it’s just a series of Square Knots. Another great coaster to try that uses loads of Square Knots is heart-shaped. We’re sure you’ll love it!

Square Coaster

Source: Macrame Art Tutorial

Speaking of Square Knots, why not try a square coaster? It only requires one type of knot, the Double Half-Hitch Knot. We promise you’ll be very good at it by the time you finish!

Tea Coaster

Source: Bluemoon Studio

The tea coaster only requires one knot as well, but it’s a doozy: the Turk’s Head Knot. With only one length of cord, you’ll need the patience to weave it around and precision so that the knot is symmetrical and beautiful.

Entertaining With Macrame Coasters

Entertaining With Macrame Coasters

Making DIY macrame coasters is a fun and easy way to add a beautiful boho touch to your breakfast table or next cocktail party. You’ve learned several knots and several variations of the craft. Now you might want to try your hand at wall hangings, earrings, and even dream catchers.

With a few spools of our high-quality macrame cord at GANXXET (you might even try one of our bundles), you’re on your way toward hours of crafty fun!

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